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General NFS / Re: nfs3 / nfs 4 fedata history section
« on: Mar 18, 2020, 1:12 AM »
Hey Noise.
Your findings are interesting. I did some research on the mnu files as well, but never dig that deep...
From what i understand the game has 3 sources of menu text to display:
1) Hardcoded Links in the game.exe (e.g. Nav Buttons), linking to the text files
2) Text from within the mnu files
3) Text from the fedata files of individual car.viv

Variant 3) is used for showcase data (Mechanical/Engine etc).
My guess: the history section must work similar to that. Looking at nfs3 is good idea since the game engine is basically the same. The fact you get a history-carlist by creating hxxxx.qfs files indicates the history part is still around in the game.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: The Driver Syndicate - Fan project
« on: Feb 01, 2020, 2:02 AM »
The project has a designated website now.

The download link is still pointing to the same google-drive location, but i guess this is more convenient than the forum page at

Time to take a spin and test the game   :D

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: The Driver Syndicate - Fan project
« on: Jan 21, 2020, 9:53 PM »
The site is up and running. The site has unencrypted http, so there might be a warning depending on the browser you use.
In the linked PROJECT THREAD you will find download links at the end of the first post. The link there is updated with the latest build frequently.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: The Driver Syndicate - Fan project
« on: Jan 21, 2020, 10:38 AM »
Hey, yeah 2019 was pretty busy year for me. Hope I'll find some more time henceforth.

Indeed this Remake is impressive and SOAP, the guy working on that project, really is hardcore - he created the physics engine from scratch with C++. Originally he intended to use the engine for making a First person shooter. The development has gone a long way, it's all in the project thread - pretty interesting stuff actually!
Really recommend downloading this, take a ride for yourself.
On Win10 the game runs right away, no need for additional software. Required is Visual C++ 2017 and DirectX9, so theoretically it should be possible to run this on WinXP as well. Performance is great on my machine, too (so definitely no high end hardware required).  :)

Maybe the video gives a little showcase of the implemented missions... there also is mod support, so people can contribute and customise stuff.

Off-Topic Discussion / The Driver Syndicate - Fan project
« on: Jan 19, 2020, 7:38 AM »
Just a little heads up for an awesome fan project - the development already is quite advanced.
Not related to the Need For Speed franchise, but still a milestone in the history of racing games: Driver
Released in 1999 by GT Interactive for the Play Station and later ported to PC.

Now a HD Remake of the first Driver game is available. Author of the project is SOAP.

I'm really impressed by this project. The development started around 2013 and is still going. The current build is pretty advanced and offers a complete menu and different missions. It's playable. And it feels great. The physics, the sound and the city - all caried over to a modern game engine.
It's completely free. The download is around 75 MB.
Absolute must-download.
The download link can be found at in the PROJECT THREAD.

edit: @Mike/Remko: video embedding still doesnt work it seems  :(

General NFS / Re: 4LOWER v.5.0.0
« on: Jan 19, 2020, 6:51 AM »
Glad you still working on 4Lower and i hope to see more releases in the future!
Version 5 offers a great compilation of reworked handlings for many cars and lot of car-types (super cars, drifters, muscle cars...).
Really interesting and diversified car list you put together. Every car feels and drives unique, the work and tweaking put into the mod really shows.
I also find the menu styling really cool, well put together - and there is a lot of designs to choose from.

Unfortunately you need to organize the mod files better or give installation instructions at least - a novice player that do not know the file structure of NFS4 will have a hard time to install the modification. The readme is not really helpful in that regard, so I hope you will improve this in later releases.

Regarding the handling itself, you know my oppinion about the listed "Known issues". That the cars stop turning on coasting or revving is such a huge issue in my mind, im still stunned you decided to ignore this.
With the 4Lower handling, you press full throttle all the time and perform over-the-top drifting.
Just to avoid confusion I think you should not describe the mod as a "simulation" or "realistic"...
more as a mix of "Ridge Racer" and "Outrun".
That said, my expectations and feedback would've been vastly different.

I must say... a general handling overhaul with more realism, maybe even bringing a sim-feel to High Stakes, really is something i longing for - but this is not that!
And that is totally fine!

Still, this is a awesome mod everyone should test out - if one is willing to adapt the new driving style, overall it really is a different and fresh driving experience for High Stakes! Analog control devices strongly recommended  ;)

BTW: you should link some gameplay videos and showcase your handling this way


Hey there and welcome to the forum.

Funny you asking for the australian cop cars. I recently found out it is a registry switch that does enable the aussie liveries.
It is the mysterious "Variant" switch.
Veg, in his wisdom, also ported this variable to his modern patch (without knowing what it actually does).
So if you using the modern patch you only need to set "Variant=4" in the nfs4.ini - seems this works with every game version too.
But prepare for disappointment - this will trigger the AUS.TGA to be used on some USA tracks only; it will only work ingame, not in the main menu. Cars without AUS.TGA will keep their default CAR00.TGA livery.
This actually is how the aussie version of High Stakes works...

On a full game installation the registry switch is at this path:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Electronic Arts\Need For Speed High Stakes\1.0
Change DWORD-key "Variant" to value "4".
So thats the way for a regular game installation or when using the Stock-/Expansionpack.


General NFS / Re: Lettertype in nfs4, the Arial10b.ffn file
« on: Jan 09, 2019, 11:15 PM »
Good grief! That looks pretty challanging. Good luck with that.

Projects / Re: New Detroit Muscle Mod (Dilemma Raised)
« on: Jan 08, 2019, 6:27 AM »
I would love to see a Muscle for High Stakes!
Btw, the MCO Offline mod for NFS4 was really great, but unfortunately focused on career only. Detroit Muscle mod (DM) aimed to present that time period, making use of all NFS gameplay elements (career, knockout, pursuit races...etc).

Generally i would expect from a compilated mod that everything works and looks seamless. Tracks, cars, artwork, menu-texts (generally menu style), difficulty... should fit together. Everybody can throw a bunch of cars together and call it a day.
Imo it is important that the quality of used mods does not differ too much (specifically with cars... eg. polycount, damage, sounds).
You should not use MCO conversion together with highly detailed mods if you ask me.
Another problem using cars from other authors is, the performance has to be adapted so everything works well together (handling, maximum speed...). Balance out the gameplay aspects first. Of course there should be no serial number conflicts or missing fedatas etc.
Details like a menu/HUD overhaul, showcases, new music etc are neat, but shouldnt be high priority.

Ask if you need advice/help for more specific things. I think Remko also can answer you every ambiguitys about DM mod and ideas behind it :)

General NFS / Re: Lettertype in nfs4, the Arial10b.ffn file
« on: Jan 04, 2019, 8:35 AM »
As far as i know, there is no way to edit the .ffn file (open, edit and resave).
But a lot of EA games from that time used this font-format. So its possible to copy fonts over from other games, that also make use of this .ffn type.
Examples that work with NFS4 are fonts from: NFS3, NFS5, NBA99, FIFA97.
Not sure from which game the Muscle mod font originates, though.

The .ffn file is simply a texture map with characters (similar to this Link). Guess it works like NFS3/4 HUD textures, where speedometer, rpm, symbols, etc are saved in one graphics file.

But again, to my knowledge there is no way to open/edit the file directly. Fontfiles from other games have to have same resolution and character order - otherwise you simply get rubbish, instead of text.  :)


Hardware, Software & Technology / Re: Something happen.
« on: Dec 28, 2018, 6:57 PM »
Hm, you already narrowed it down...
seems to be either a RAM or mainboard issue.
Two short beeps indicate a RAM issue - if you havent done this already, try different modules (one at a time) in different dimm-slots.
One long and 1 short beep indicate a mainboard issue. Guess in that case you will need a replacement for your board.
As desperate measure, you could try applying heat to the mainboard using a heat gun or hairdryer... ive heard this somtimes fixes loose connection in the wirering


Editing Projects / Re: Polygon Curvature Modeling
« on: Dec 13, 2018, 11:52 AM »
A very interesting topic i think. NURBS have a lot of advantages in modelling, you can display and scale surfaces with infinite detail. Basically they are the 3D equivalent of vector graphics in image processing.

But afaik NURBS are not used in games. At all. Not even modern games make use of them (or similar techniques), also wont in the nearby future. Graphic accelerators (GPU's) and graphic renderers (DirectX, OpenGL...) need polygones (triangles).
So any mods for games, need to consist of polygones in the end. NURBS have to be converted to (polygonal) subdivided surfaces using algorithms or by hand.
The efficiency, however, will be higher when using polygons from scratch. At least thats true if you look at low-poly modelling for older games - but also modern games have their limits, at some point (you cannot say polycount does not matter anymore).

But maybe this conversion process works better than i think? ExoticLover, you already made experience with your ElNino project for example - you already know to what polycount this car would convert ingame?

Most important  point is, having a playable model in a computer game always is a tradeoff between visuals (details) and playability (frames per second).
Of course an object with 100.000 polies will have a smoother surface than modelling it with 5000 polies...

Smooth lines in your reflection implies that it is uber-smooth. Jaggy lines means that either your model needs more smoothness or there's a bump that can be inferred. This is even helpful for lowpoly modeling as you can find bumps where there isn't supposed to be any, and manipulate normals as you go.

With the knowledge above, i find your surface comparison a bit pointless (at least the example you showed here). The difference in final polycount is not considered.
It also looks like you just changed the texture file to flowcheck-texture. I think you would need to remap the mesh completely (e.g. from top view?) to really get the info you described? Otherwise the texture is distorted.
Btw is this F50 by Martin Leps, from NFS6 or ...?


General NFS / Re: Looking for Ryuji Kainoh's cars!
« on: Dec 07, 2018, 5:49 PM »
Hey there,
i can help you with point 1. and 2. of your request. Guess these cars are indeed not available at any active website.
The Ferrari 360 2.0 by Jhonnyspeed i put here
The GT90 is part of a Ryuji Kainoh archive, that was created/linked in this thread by AndrewL before (,1813.msg36097.html#msg36097).
I uploaded the zip here:
The Aston Martin DB7 by Marc Schmeling is not in my backups unfortunately. Maybe someone else can help.

You might also check different, active sites that are listed in the Online-Resources thread.
Do you have any backups of High Stakes files yourself?

Okay, so your settings seem to be alright... and you said it works fine on your other system. Also the issue is not driver related, since software renderer is giving the same results.

So, i guess its a problem with Zmodeler itself. Maybe the installation got corrupted (missing file/registry)? You already tried wiping everything and reinstall the program (with admin rights enabled or UAC disabled, respectively)?
Maybe an AntiVirus-program deleted/blocked an essential file?

Just some ideas to try... never had such an issue :/

Does the texture shows up in the UV Mapper when you remap with "Assign UV"?

Check that car00.tga is selected as "Primary Texture" in the Material Editor.
Basic stuff, i know... but gotta try to rule out possible errors.

Does the texture not show at all or is it displayed wrong?
First check that in 3D-view-window the option "Settings>Textures>Use Textures" is selected. Probably displaying of textures is unchecked there...
Else, did you change other hardware components or installed new drivers with the upgrade?
Try to switch rendering calculation to CPU (Force Software Rendering at "Options>3D View"). Maybe select a different "device" at the "Options" menu (see picture).

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