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XJ220 - 10 years ago
I hope you damaged it doing pit-maneuvers :P
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FerrariMan - 10 years ago
You bet lol

Oh, forgot to ask you... I added upgrades + damage to some of your cars when I added them to my mod. I hope that is alright with you (you get all credit for car of course, modifications are for the better)...

If you'd like your standard Caprice with upgrades and better damage please PM me :)

I'm always happy to make upgrades (CARPs and all) for cars, just let me know via PM ;)
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XJ220 - 10 years ago
Well, thanks for the offer, but as I don't play career game mode, I don't need upgrades. Moreover, the Caprice v4 you have is absolutely obsolete since I've been working on v5 for quite some time now :P
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Paul Spain - 10 years ago
Wow..A different Caprice after your so many? Is version 5 going to be international like this one is?
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