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Paul Spain - 10 years ago
Nice. Have you ever thought of making a MOD to make the police uniforms match each country? Germany=Green coats and brown shirt and pants,France is ok all but the guy that comes up on a bust having a black uniform on and grey pants with a red stripe down them,England black coats with bell hats (that would look wicked XD).
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FerrariMan - 10 years ago
Wow, best screen we've had in a while! Let's see, we've got the 190 E 3.2 AMG, PURSUIT 190 E 3.2 AMG, and an interesting Pursuit E 500. Nice screen overall ;)
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FerrariMan - 10 years ago
BTW, what track is that?

P.S.: Lol at 101 forum posts -->
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TS - 10 years ago
nice shot NJ
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Evoix10man - 10 years ago
Looks good
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XJ220 - 10 years ago
@ Paul Spain: Each pursuit car can contain one single cop only in HS. Otherwise I'd have been using correct uniforms for ages now ;)
@ FerrariMan: That's Landstraße 2008, available at Link
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Paul Spain - 10 years ago
I see. I guess EA didn't research that aspect alot or didn't know what each uniform from different countries looks like so they just used the standard U.S. and Canadian schemes for them.
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