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Geminiyo - 1 year ago
You know Im gonna comment!
This one is something that I oftenly observing...!
But im not sure whats poly-count and if it project or addon on somewhere.

And its well-known corner in game, very recognizable.

The tires/wheels are without a bug (white stripe). The front of car a bit blured.
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EvoX - 1 year ago
Itsa Challenger yep?)
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noise - 1 year ago
Great shot. Jokinen's Challenger I guess.
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EvoX - 1 year ago
I wonder where my funny shot is, posted more than a month ago...
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Mike - 1 year ago
We've got quite a backlog of shots, so it's coming soon :)
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Rider66 - 1 year ago
Nice shot! Also I recall there was an interesting custom-built '72 'X-Factor' Challenger from Icekid&Venom. Would be nice to see this beauty here some day again :)
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