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Nov 04, 2018
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EvoX - 4 months ago

Cool scene))
So many screeneez pal) mine got lost haha. Nevermind...
I will give ya a rate now

Mike - 4 months ago

Yours is coming up within the next week :)

WiLL - 4 months ago

Hi bud old screen here was B4, I did my Mod on this cool old game. Hmm, I been busy, with my move last month, I got a New Tv first time in 9 years, lol no- Cable, ordered a new Sony DVD player, bud you get any snow yet, we,here will soon Burr, winter now. your pics will arrive no worries like mike said ;) thanks for the nicer Rate bro @ 0 mph ))

EvoX - 4 months ago

Yeah. Here cold an sheety sometimes... But no snow yet. We are w8ing.

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