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Need for Speed Most Wanted Downloads

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron (Fully tunable)

Can be customized with:

-roof scoops
-windows tint

-Realistic perfomance
-damageble windows
-new tires texture
-new interior color
-NFS UC driver model

Replaces: Ford GT

EA games -- Model & textures

FOX -- Perfomance data

McLaren_3Dcm -- converting into NFS MW

PS: You can find official Veyron paint in vinyls > stripes section

PPS: This was a really looong project, started when NFS PS out
and was frozen for very long time and collected dust on my HDD,
and now (after many rebuilds) finally it's finished.
Hope you like it :)
Damage Convertible
Dashboard Class
Vidwall Serial #
Windows Licence Plate
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 0

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Visitor Comments

big_block_head - 11 years ago
hey man, luv the work put into this car!!!! love the car, just one issue. im not too excited about the performance though. a veyron tops out at about 407-415 kmh or so, stock. i maxxed out at 370kmh with ultimate parts. handles a bit like the viper too....
(constructive critique) plz respond
User Date
tsukasa91 - 11 years ago
nice car. i love it. amazing acceleration good top speed although big_block_head has a point. but 2 things at this point that bother me.
1. when i first got the car(all ultimate parts) it had terrible handling. i had to turn handling and aerodynamics all the way up and lower the ride all the way down to keep me from going all over the road. 2. from driver view(where you see the hood) you can see 2 bright lights in the front which are very annoying.

just pointing out the flaws i see.
User Date
big_block_head - 11 years ago
the lights you see happens with all the mods.
User Date
Humphrey - 10 years ago
I agree with big_block_head and tsukasa91
User Date
Tiago - 10 years ago
i too.
User Date
Exversus - 10 years ago
Awesome car but steering is terrible
User Date
shed2dom - 10 years ago
maybe you could put some v2 of it with all the corrections..
User Date
zyou - 9 years ago
hey how too add it plz help
User Date
zyou - 9 years ago
hey how too add it plz help
User Date
Lucifer13 - 8 years ago
Its a masterpiece,but.............
User Date
Tapish - 8 years ago
it's awesome
User Date
Bariq Badruttamam - 8 years ago
i need buggati veyron super sport
User Date
speedrasher - 8 years ago
awesome car ..but how did he convert the car from pro street ?
User Date
SoulGamer - 7 years ago
hey why do not the mod loader work... em first time using that ...will somebody help me....em unable to play with extra cars:(
User Date
King Fashanoo - 7 years ago
Can I put this car in my most wanted for ps2......will it work???
User Date
nasri saada - 7 years ago
the winzip says the file maybe endomaged cannot be opened oh shiit
User Date
ardawan - 7 years ago
this aplication not work in my nsf mw v.1.3 :(
User Date
asadveyron - 7 years ago
my favourite car for my favourite game
User Date
rohantomar98 - 7 years ago
Please help me and tell me how to add this car please! i want to drive this car please please please please
User Date
davis2013 - 6 years ago
Awesome car with fully tune-able...................... but terrible handling
User Date
davis2013 - 6 years ago
: rohantomar98 just extract files and replace with needforspeedcarfordgt
User Date
Play boy - 6 years ago
Hey i know you put in a lot of effort and the car is very nice except for the hanling
User Date
Play boy - 6 years ago
With your permission i can improve the handling and give it to you , if you give me some credit too.
User Date
akhilalexg - 6 years ago
guys after I used mod loader .. all my other cars topspeed has been reduced .. why is it so ?? can I restore their top speed . ( I spend all the money on performance and made fully updated bt after putting mod loader and these cars ,my old cars topspeed bar is onlu upto the halfway mark .. )

sorry if I used english and also am new here ..
User Date
akhilalexg - 6 years ago
*bad english
User Date
Shuriken - 1 year ago
Yo ;no faults ;no problems ;Best mod I downloaded yet ;Keep up the great Work
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