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The Oval

The Oval
Added On October 29, 2020
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Version High Stakes
Original Track Route Adonf
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Hello there, all i knew was when i drove/ tested out-
Jeffs (jeff Seabrooks) track here i knew it needed alot-
Fix ups from his torn Mesh in spots,an so i went at it)-
added a few nicer textures. an fixed the weather files more.

I liked his track shape he made turned out Pretty nice!
to Criuse on. An not drive so fast always, missing traffic 😎 Also fixed the Tracks Load on Visibility.
an his Floating Mountains,had take them out. they,
wouldn't stay at ground level?) floated up always.

The other wood Crate boxes. are still up in the air.
there not global? not all sure how they load.
Enjoy this make over...i did fix alot area's of bent trees an-
cracks in the Mesh so on ) just wanted help Jeff out.
i knew of him back 19yrs ago from nfs garage site. Try to enjoy this.

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  • WiLL - 27 days ago
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    Sarge Paul27 days ago

    Thanks for fast upping this 😺 here is where it's from. Link

    Jeff seabrook

    "The Oval". Ver.3

    Based mine, gave Jeff a hand from 2011 time. 🎃🎭🎮🎇☃️

    • Sarge Paul - 27 days ago
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      Today, I will be receiving the much awaited superbird which I ordered 😉

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