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FerrariManNovember 13, 2009

Need for Speed High Stakes Downloads

Touring Bus

Touring Bus
Touring Bus by FerrariMan for Need For Speed 4.

V1.0 Features:
- Converted from traffic [bus]
- Full Grid racing support on all PCs (971 polies)
- Clear windows if your graphics card supports it
- Changeable colors
a: White
b: Blue
c: Red
d: Black
e: Yellow
- Custom Color Support
- Realistic CARP.TXT performance data
- Career Mode Price: $10,000
- Full interior with driver
- Engine Sounds
a: should work on all sound modes...
- Accurate Car Compare function
- Customizable License Plate

Planned Features (V1.x):
- Possible edited dashboard view
- Driver movements
- Upgrades in Career Mode
a: Performance
b: Visuals
c: Prices and Car Compares
- Passengers in interior (?)
- Doors on each side
- Vidwall


PS: I know the handling's terrible, could someone help me by editing the CARP.TXT...?
Also, if Semi Trucks is a bad place to put it, let me know.
Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard None Class B
Vidwall No Serial # 40
Windows Clear Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 56 mph
90 kmh
Polycount 971
Driver Customizab

Visitor Comments

TYF - 11 years ago
Nice bus, FM.
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TYF - 11 years ago
Editing Lateral acceleration grip multplier, areodynamic downforce multplier in tires/grip and gradient understeer in streering might work I think...
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FerrariMan - 11 years ago
Thanks for the help, but that's what I've already edited. The NFS Pitstop tutorial never was finished, but I found one on Freak For Speed that was, so a new CARP will be coming soon! :)

Thanks for the comments ;)
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TruePro - 11 years ago
Good conversion. And very good improvements :)
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FerrariMan - 11 years ago
Thank you ;)
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trafficcarsfan - 10 years ago
very nice bus, but, is very slower
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FerrariMan - 9 years ago
Well, yes, it is incredibly slow... and I normally don't like it when people make cars unrealistically *fast*, but if you want to, go ahead.
(I mean, you can do whatever you want for your own use already) but if you want to make a Turbo Bus based on this with an edited CARP.TXT and upload it, by all means go for it.

This was not a great traffic conversion anyway :P
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