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'01 Chevrolet Tahoe car package

'01 Chevrolet Tahoe car package
Chevrolet Tahoe package featuring several versions this car based on an Evo2 4x4 file once converted by Sudz_RPS

Contained in the package (in alphabetical order as appearing in zipfile) are:

1) Generic Pursuit Chevrolet Tahoe ( b/w scheme by a Slowman original texture

2) (fictional) Park Ranger Tahoe (

3) Peel Regional Police Tahoe (
updated from an original file by ImprezaWRX

4) a black unmarked Pursuit version ( based on real undercover Tahoe pics

5) Customizable Racer version (updated) of the Tahoe ( featuring also a different traffic version

All cars except for the unmarked Pursuit Tahoe also come with a traffic version ('') contained WITHIN the respective zipfile of the car.

Please read the respective txtfiles carefully for further instructions/information and ..

Have fun!

Frank (FranknFurter @ / NFS Police H.Q.)
Damage Convertible
Dashboard Class
Vidwall Serial #
Windows Licence Plate
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 0

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WiLL - 2 years ago

Hi there... Frank L@@Ks, like you put a lot Work,an Search, into this Project. An all. Hat is off to you. :)How many Megs,.is the Whole 5,Truck package? Cause my phone doesn't do big Downloads, on files. So.. Cheers man.

EvoX - 2 years ago

12, 2017 - 11:56pm
Wooooow so many versions cool Buddy. I think I need a police one desperately... heyaaa an here da sun is shinin cool Rus Easter time indeed. I know JC Will rise soon an there Will be no hate in da world. Greetings an chreerz Brothaz in armz.

WiLL - 2 years ago

Um, I hear you Evox, thanks for well, widths an all. Yup, Easter time Should be, that way for Us! :) About, Repentance, Forgiveness, Refreshment, of are Souls... ) I myself try to see it this Way,be it.. In these Hard days,of now days. OfCars, an Rushing around,an $$ is all I see anymore, with Mean types around, well, No-patients, I mean more. Its not my, way of life (
So when I try to make a track look New, more Nicer, its like the New Beginning, like Easter time Good Friday. An All. Its all about Choice, Attitude, Gratitude, if you want to be into it?) It's also A Free gift what JC did for all of us, I want be more Thankful now days, for what I have, an Learned.. not so easily. Good explanation, Frank about the Siren lights. Not easy I think.
I just tried,adding my few Cents, of Experiences, of my hard life into, this Hoilday, an Great Tahoe Upload here was all : )
I just, don't like Not so Good, people, bringing me Down.. from my Town.. I won't answer there phone calls. Example.
JC has Risen from the Cave/Grave Awesome, I go with him. Cause he doesn't Fail. Like we all do. :)

FranknFurter - 2 years ago

thx WiLL, yes this project definetely took longer than had been planned but the outcome is quite satifying, hopefully :)

forgot to add this, a Happy Easter to all, in spite of the Middle European weather :(

Btw .. I cannot guarantee that some of the flasher lighting schemes using very fast timings (1er and 2er) will work for everyone, on my older XP machine (and using Glide) it does .. if so, plz. let me know, I will see what I can do or just alter those values manually to 3er timings w/o changing the other values (numbers/letters)

.. you should see this if working, already in menu:
1er timings: steadily but unregular alternating on/off phases (LED-like)
2er timings: unsteady as well as unregular short greater flashes (halogenic flashers)

EvoX - 2 years ago

Awesome thoughts Buddy I liked them soooo. ) Mean types yep... we can only w8 4 a wonder. I had a tiring day 2 an now jeez don wanna think about mad politicians, my an my countryz problemz, mean types etc. S-holez haha. I jeez wanna feel spring in the air hope ya feel da same cheerz an regardz. C my screen there in da showroom, of AJ track like it so Will u)

WiLL - 2 years ago

Kirk-,, name by me, my phone is junk today on here. :o

EvoX - 2 years ago

Kirill is my real name) Wild Man Driver hoho. Baba Yaga the Old Witch 4eva)) nope Tchaikowsky roxx hard too, Ive played pieces from his Childish Album, very enchanting... oooh yeeeah

FranknFurter - 2 years ago

Earlier in my life I used to listen to Rimsky-Korsakov's Russian Easter Festival Overture op. 36 as a kind of ritual every Easter ;)

I love Russian classical music very much, it is such moving, although many say it is just pathetic but if once you understood the 'Russian soul' ...

If once in your life you have listened to Modest Mussorgsky's 'Night on Bald Mountain' during a full moon night alone somewhere you might know what I'm talking about ..

Found out later that Rimsky-Korsakov's birthday is just a day before mine :o

EvoX - 2 years ago

Im absolutely in luv with Rachmaninoff
Thank u Frank 4 your kind words)

FranknFurter - 2 years ago

.. who is not? :) I love his 2nd piano concerto thaaat much ... :D
He is much better composer than Tchaikowsky IMHO ... ;)

I remember first time in school our music teacher played Modest Mussorgsky's 'Pictures of an Exhibition', I was deeply impressed for life ...

Especially for 'Baba Yaga's hut', this is giving you shivers allover, instantly followed by the 'Great gate of Kiev' - неподражаемый!

Btw .. did you notice in the meantime that you -WiLL and EvoX- join much more things than may divide you? ;)

WiLL - 2 years ago

Sure... i've Known, Kirk,Evox for About over a year now, we Write at times,I know he's a wants to be called,by me. He's a Wild man Driver on U tube too Videos : )) yes,.Frank I heard some,.piano playing, from kirks-, land I like most of it too. I'm busy, Apt today, an is Sunny 60' degrees here almost. :}

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