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1967 Chevy El Camino Custom V.2

1967 Chevy El Camino Custom V.2
its a custom made el camino
Damage No Convertible No
Dashboard Yes Class A
Vidwall No Serial # 67
Windows Clear Licence Plate None
Top Speed 234 mph
374 kmh
Polycount 0

Visitor Comments

JonniVi - 17 years ago

Wow, this thing has some major problems. Should always have at least 5 people beta test your car before releasing it..

speed_racer - 17 years ago

this is the ugliest el camino i have ever seen

Remko - 17 years ago

oboy, I guess it's that time again...:

If there's something you dont like about a car here, at least take the time to explain exactly WHAT it is that could be done better, so that the author can learn something from it. I am not impressed with posters who try to sound clever and score laughs at someone else's expense.
I removed the 'Kitty Litter-box'comment. Only constructive critisism, please.

Mako Shark - 17 years ago

1970 elcamino ss is the best looking el camino in my mind for a 1/2 car, 1/2 truck that is. and how did you get the mco garage background in the back of that pic?

Kenworth Man - 17 years ago

geez, it isn't that bad!!! you can tell what it is, fuck, give him some credit!!!! the shape may be wrong, but the body texture/paint is good!!!

nfsracer - 17 years ago

comon guys! This isn't bad! i would download it but i'm running out of space for cars and i only get the cars that i really want. And don't everyone tell me ways to fix this prob. i already heard them all!

JonniVi - 17 years ago

Maybe you should actually download it and drive it in-game before posting comments, Kenworth. Screenshots can be deceiving.

Kenworth Man - 17 years ago

the fat and the fumbling, let's see you do better, dumbass. WTF is with -3/10??? and "kitty litter box"????

Kenworth Man - 17 years ago

P.S, i'll try driving it, but the comments were still harsh...

Dodge Boy - 17 years ago

That actually looks good. I didn't download but it doesn't look bad.

JonniVi - 17 years ago

Now I'm wondering. Is it just my machine, or does this car clip half way into the ground for everybody else as well? The shadow is way off center, too, totally screwing up the camera views.

impreza racer - 17 years ago

maybe he didn't center the fce before importing it back into the car.viv

gtho351 - 17 years ago

Ahahaha sweeeeeeet! Luv the background!

Skidmark - 17 years ago

Man I hate the new you are a winner flashy things on every nfs site. They should be removed. Man they are irritating!!!!!

The Fat and the Fumbling - 17 years ago

sorry for the kitty litter box comment, I was in the moment

The Fat and the Fumbling - 17 years ago

P.S.- Kenworth Man, Take a break. I didn't say I could do better, did I? and -3/10 means I highly disapprove of the car. It was a JOKE. I made the Kitty litter box comment because it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the extremely box-like shape. And about you calling me a Dumbass.... Thank you. No, really. You're the first in about 3.2 months. And I'm NOT trying to sound smart. O.K.? ;op

Kenworth Man - 17 years ago

LOL u actually thanked me for calling you a dumbass?????? LOLOL that is some funny stuff. never heard it before, LOL.

Kenworth Man - 17 years ago

man that is u needed a wake up call or something?

The Fat and the Fumbling - 17 years ago

Say LOL enough? I was Sarcastic. LOL, ok? LOL, I, LOL, Think, LOL, That, LOL, you, LOL, said, LOL, LOL, LOL, enough, LOL, ok? LOL. And what is LOLOL?

The Fat and the Fumbling - 17 years ago

More sarcasim up above^

The Fat and the Fumbling - 17 years ago

And Below /

The Fat and the Fumbling - 17 years ago

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.... Phhhht. O.K.....

The Fat and the Fumbling - 17 years ago

Sorry If I seem Harsh, Or just like an Prick, it's how I am. Get used to it. Or ban me, either way...

The Fat and the Fumbling - 17 years ago

And I bet Kenworth Man will say to ban me. Just because I disagreed with him on this car. I'm sorry if I make Harsh critism. But Kenworth Man could have been a *Cough*way*Cough* Bit easier on that comment. So I speak my mind. Is that a reason to call me a dumbass? Right now, I don't care what Kenworth Man Says or thinks because I believe he is an equal to me. Not inferior, or superior. And the car isn't as bad as what I said.

The Fat and the Fumbling - 17 years ago

Please delete this coment and all my critism on this car and my aguments with Kenworth man. Thank you.

Kenworth Man - 17 years ago

wow, sorry dude. that WAS harsh, i thought u were joking

Kenworth Man - 17 years ago

u can speak your mind, just not in a harsh way, and sorry again....

Funmart6 - 16 years ago

A friend in high school had one of these, it was blue. This one looks good from the front, but the bed looks a little shallow, nice job though.

Dr~Kevorkian - 16 years ago

ok, well some of you are very young,by the looks of some of these posts anyhow... so it makes sense that you wouldnt appreciate a good classic car like this,from my experience this car looks almost perfect in every aspect. the trunk is a bit shallow, but the shape and everything is near perfect! imo

Cerberus - 16 years ago

Damn, this car is very nice(except the unrealistic performance..)But what I like the most is that there's a quarrell and I'm not the reason..thank you guys..;-)

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