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VIV file decoder/encoder

VIV file decoder/encoder
Added On July 15, 2022
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= UNofficial VIV decoder/encoder =

= for The Need for Speed 3 =

= =

= Witten by Mike 'Thommson' =

= =

= ©1998 Mike 'Thommson' =

= E-Mail: =

= URL: =





RULE: With the use of this program you accept the condition of daily visit of my

sponsor from my Homepage: !!!

The website link is dead, lol.... - bug110




No warranty of any kind comes with this file ! Its contents are

totally *unofficial*, and Electronic Arts has no responsibility

in all of this (they just made a fine game :-) Also, it is

illegal to use the information contained herein for commercial


This program may not be sold, bartered, or distributed with

any other product for which any charge is made (other than

incidental charges for time spent on-line), but rather

must be distributed free of charge.




NOTE: send edited cars and tracks to me (Mike 'Thommson') at





This is the first unofficial editor for EA game Need for Speed 3. You can

use this program to create your own cars by editing the texture and performance of

them. Below you can read how to do it.




-Full Installation of NFS3

-ImageEditor (PaintShopPro, PaintBrush, etc)





1. First of all you have to find Car.VIV files and to decode them (to extract

containded files).

Car.VIV files are contained in directories of the /GameData/CarModel/


For example: C:\Games\NFS3\GameData\CarModel\Amd7\car.viv.

2. Create a directory (i.e. c:\temp) and copy there founded Car.VIV file and

extracted editor files VIVDEC.EXE and VIVENC.EXE.

3. Now you have to encode files from Car.VIV file to edit them.

Run VIVDEC.EXE as followed: VIVDEC.EXE car.viv

4. You have many new files in the temp directory now (carp.txt, car.fce,

car00.tga etc.)

The listed files are the most needed.

By editing the CARP.TXT file with text editor you can change car performance;

By editing the CAR00.TGA file with any good graphic program you can change car


The CAR.FCE file contains all 3D-Stuf of a car (cracking in progress).

5. After editing of these files you have to start VIVENC.EXE program to pack all files

back together.

Run VIVENC.EXE as followed: VIVENC.EXE car.viv carp.txt car.fce car00.tga fedata.fre

fedata.ita fedata.bri fedata.ger fedata.fsh fedata.swe fedata.eng car.bnk

ocard.bnk ocar.bnk scar.bnk dash.qfs

Note: the first parameter (car.viv) is the name of to be created Car.VIV file, all

other files are files which have to be added to this Car.VIV file. You have to add

all files, which you have extracted from Car.VIV file in step3.

6. Finaly copy the new created Car.VIV file to the same directory where you have

take the original Car.VIV file.

Run the game and choose the car you have edited.




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