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AuthorOlli Salonen
Added On July 30, 2022
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Need for Speed 2 Replay Analyzer 1.00


Olli Salonen



The replay analyzer was originally made for my own web page to check if the

records users sent me were played without the cheats. Now, it has been in

public distribution for several months. It is distributed as freeware, so

it doesn't cost you anything or you don't have to register it, but you can

not distribute it IF you have modified it. Feel free to distribute the

whole package which contains ANALYZER.EXE, ANALYZER.DOC and FILE_ID.DIZ.

How to use


ANALYZER [Replay name] {Parameters}

Replay name is quite obvious. Just type it with the extension.


/F [Filename] Write to file. This creates a file with the name you

specify after the /F parameter. If no name is specified

then the file will be named ANALYZED.TXT.

/O Overwrite existing file. This is used with the /F


/E Exit with errorlevel. This one analyzes the replay and

exits with following errorlevels:

7 - Catch-up feature was enabled

6 - PIONEER and SLIP codes were used

5 - PIONEER code was used

4 - SLIP code was used

Where to get the latest Replay Analyzer?


You can always get it from or

e-mail to me at and ask me to send the

ZIP to you via e-mail.

Revision history



- First non-beta version

- Added writing to file -option

- Added exiting with error level

- Added controller type detection

- Now accepts unknown values, so Replay Analyzer won't halt whenever it

find a value that is not defined already. This makes Replay Analyzer

compatible with the upcoming NFS2 Special Edition will include new

tracks and cars.


- Fixed some bugs


- First public version

Where to contact the author


E-mail me at, visit my web page at or write me via snail mail:

Olli Salonen

Ippisenkatu 12

33300 Tampere


ANALYZER.DOC 2588 bytes 27th of August, 1997

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