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NFS2 (SE) Car Manager

NFS2 (SE) Car Manager
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Copyright 1998 - Anthony kruize

26th January 1998


NFS2 Car Manager is a program that makes it easy to change the cars in

Need For Speed II(SE). It also makes it easy to keep track of which

cars have been changed and which ones are still the originals.

Of course it also allows you to restore the original cars.

You will need the following to use NFS2 Car Manager :

- Windows 95

- Need For Speed II (SE)

- The original CD (which of course everyone has) to restore

the original cars.

Once you have unzipped NFS2 Car Manager into a directory, copy all

your new cars into the same directory. This is important as NFS2CM

only looks in it's directory for new cars.

When you run NFS2CM for the first time, you will be asked to fill in

a few details. These include :

- NFS2 Directory : Simply enter the directory where you have installed NFS2.

- CD-Rom Drive Letter : This is for when you need to restore the original cars.

- Do you have NFS2 SE : Check the box if you have NFS2 SE, if you don't simply leave it unchecked.

To Change a car :

Select a car to replace in the NFS2 Cars box, select the new car in

the New Cars box, hit the arrow button, and you are done.

That's all there is to it.

The new cars filename will appear next to the original car so you

can easily see which ones have been replaced.

***** TIP *****

Cars made from civilian cars can be copied over any civilian car,

but not a player car. Cars made from player cars can only be copied

over the same player car that it was made from.


To Restore one car only :

Select a car to restore in the NFS2 Cars Box, make sure the

NFS2 CD is in your CD drive and hit the RESTORE button.

To Restore all the cars :

Make sure the NFS2 CD is in your CD drive and hit the RESTORE ALL

button. All the cars will be restored back to the originals.



- Add support for track managing. (will have to change the name then)



You can email me at the following address :

Please feel free to send me any comments, questions, suggestions,

or bug reports.



Need For Speed 2 and Need For Speed 2 SE are copyright Electronic Arts.

You may freely distribute this program, as long as all the files are

included without modification. You may not include this program on

any commercial release without prior consent from myself.

I am in no way responsible for any damage, loss of data, or any other

result direct or otherwise from the use of this program.

Use at your own risk.


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