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Cooya! - 10 years ago
"THE CAR"... Great movie - and it looks like this is a nice 3d version of this evil car from hell...
I want it ;)
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Paul Spain - 10 years ago
Was THE CAR a Stutz Blackhawk or a Rollsroyce?
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XJ220 - 10 years ago
I prefer Christine :D
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FerrariMan - 10 years ago
LOL nice themed screen Remko ;)
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Cooya! - 10 years ago
@Paul Spain:
neither nor... it is a custom build car based on a Lincoln Mark III... and it´t straight out of hell :D

@ Remko:
Did I already say that I WANT IT? ;)
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Remko - 10 years ago
It's one of Dodgeboy's earlier cars... from halfway 2000 or so.

Cooya! Yeah, I keep meaning to upload it, I'll try to find some time this weekend.
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