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Sarge Paul
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WiLL - 7 months ago

Hi there Paul :] I'm not the best at Guessing Cars hmm, is the closer one a RS type

I sure liked there, Engine sounds in the game back then )

Look's like Fall appoching just like in my Area next month.

Really was a bummer- drag, I couldn't change the tracks mesh's, on this old game. Only few texture's.

I remember, the Over-steer some the cars had )

Nice shot btw.

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Sarge Paul7 months ago
Sarge Paul - 7 months ago
Yeah, its the rs. WiLL, there's not much that we can do about modding nfs pu because of its complex coding base..... Only cars with moderate to low poly r effective. U better keep ur nice hs work going. I will soon upload a shot in ur planet themed track😉
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WiLL - 7 months ago

I hear you about that.. It's finding the time, only if I had better Conditions.. Is only possible way of any more edits Bud )

Planets hmm, Crazy sky of Gt'1? Or 2 I liked the short cuts more :) many times I got mixed up on the way an bully an Scream, Ace Won anyways (

)) try do some in the rain I guess

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