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Blazn Motorsports - 5 months ago
Right hand drive?  falcon and JT's formula.Get out of the way :)
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noise - 5 months ago
Hmmm. ..Ford Falcon, didn't know about nfs4 version.
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Remko - 5 months ago

The Falcon was made by Aussiemuscle, which explains the right hand drive. And the Firebird is a very early NFS4 conversion of Jtrusty's NFS3 Formula (he later remade it from scratch for NFS4).
This is from a session when I was looking for lowpoly 60s-70s cars to use in a traffic pack for my 'vintage' car folders.

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dandresden5 months ago
noise - 5 months ago
Old Falcon without powersteering. He needs aussiemuscles I guess. Gonna check if I have this car somewhere. It will fit with MCO cars and recent Luigigroove cars.
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EvoX - 5 months ago
I thought it was 2101 Lada, haha
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Remko - 5 months ago
I still have the Zip if you (or anyone else ) wants - it's a very low-poly car, though.
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