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FerrariMan - 11 years ago
Nice! I see that's a Caprice you busted... did you really need a Crown Vic, a Porsche, and a Blazer to catch one Caprice Classic?! :P lol Please tell me the polycount of that crown vic, and download link, it looks great! :)
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Freak-DS - 11 years ago
didnt you notice that the 911 is no cop car?
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FerrariMan - 11 years ago
btw, where did you get the Civic Cruiser with damage in HS?! I saw in your screenshots...
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FerrariMan - 11 years ago
@F-DS: :P That Porsche is definitely a cop car, I swear lol. Notice that all of XJ220's cop cars have the license plate 'ND4SPD' usually in yellow, while nearly all his normal cars (INCLUDING his 911) have customizable license plates. I win ;)
Proof: Link
lol, I have all XJ220's cars; I should know
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1st genNFS fan - 11 years ago
miserable stupids coppers
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Freak-DS - 11 years ago
Well, I was thinking that there was another car in front of the 911 - dammnit :-P
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XJ220 - 11 years ago
@ FerrariMan: The driver of the Chevy was pretty skilled, all the units were absolutely necessary ;)
The NJSP CVPI has got 4310 polies but is not yet available for download since Police Garage is down.

As for the 993 Turbo - it has got a ND4SPD plate, a number on its WHITE roof (while the rest is black exc. the doors...), a "STOP POLICE" sign above the rear window... but don't worry, v2 will have POLICE lettering at its back ;)
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