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Feb 11, 2018
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WiLL - 9 months ago

This was... Good ole Hard Work...)
That word 's good.
I'm on a Non-Race track.. now I know, I've done much this month.
So I rest, I'm really trying, to have more Quality in my Works, on this Last project Qfs-,file is at 3.1 megs hoping not be much bigger, I thanks ah- this other guy here forgot his name off Bat here, for giving me this Idea of what I thought about doing
But, again it's much fixing an planning with My Own Hi-Res, Textures that came off a Game I paid for at the Store, 18 yrs ago. Sarge Paul his name was Peace Zzz ;)

WiLL - 9 months ago

Ugh,works well.

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