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noise - 12 days ago

The frogeye is no off roader. Nice pic.

WiLL - 12 days ago

Lol nice window frame ;) cop roll you?
What track, jim D's?
Yes, Cool old Car... remko were can get it.

Remko - 12 days ago

Yeah, I think I rolled the car during the getaway... can't expect much protection from that tiny window frame. :D
Yes, this is Lake Diablo, the car is Bob Robert's Austin-Healy Sprite, it's available here on NFSAddons.

WiLL - 12 days ago

I remember, his name way back in the day.
yeah, Cop do a Pit on you i ment ) with his push- bar. I look this up! Thanks Bud how's your Winter btw? :}

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