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EvoX - 2 months ago
Cool shot. Are the red ones Maserati z?
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EvoX - 2 months ago
The 2 cars following the red R34
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noise - 2 months ago
Screensize does the Maserati's no good. 
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LRF Modding - 2 months ago

Mixed racing..nice...

A few Maserati's,R34,M5,A Ferrari [Model?] and a Diablo [VT?]

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Remko - 2 months ago
This was from the session where I was playtesting and screenshotting antiguabill's R34 before uploading it here. Blo0m's Maserati being released around the same time. Besides the Diablo VT I think all others were still stock EA cars then.
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Sarge Paul - 2 months ago
Nice competition 😀
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Reight - 2 months ago
one of the best screenshots i've ever seen so far
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