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WiLL - 10 months ago

I do Believe I have this White Pontiac installed, on Ea's, Pontiac) not nice track what one is it?
Good shot too. Stifen-DY ;)

WiLL - 10 months ago

Typos geerz..) Is a nice track it appears

Stifen_DY - 10 months ago

The track is your EPC 2017-18, WiLL. It's a pretty good track IMO.

WiLL - 10 months ago

Its great to ever get any, positive feedback, on this s site at times, an hour ment thanks much! Stifen-Dy ) I liked that project much,was bummed out about the Visibility, issue on back road, an in tunnel area, hickup thing, past big church. When did the do that last fall loosing memory xD thanks pal

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