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NFS Most Wanted - Grand Campaign

NFS Most Wanted - Grand Campaign

The mod is no longer a continuation of the UE (Ultimate Edition) previously made by me, instead of using part of the UE, I remade a large part from the vanilla game, this already happened a few months ago but I didn't record it here.

Most of the objectives/mechanics of the modpack/project remain the same, some have changed a little, others I have discarded.

Speaking of mechanics, for now I'm only going to talk about one in specific, about the difficulties, just like in the UE, this modpack will also have a selection of difficulties, with a huge difference in the highest difficulty, more detailed below:

Vanilla: identical to the Easy difficulty, with the difference that the opponents are really completely random, I mean, in the other difficulties every race has opponents with the predetermined type of car, but with the car customizations completely random, top speed multiplier and standard acceleration, opponents' cars cannot be broken during a race, NOS of opponents same as player

Easy: similar to vanilla, this includes the "skilllevel" of opponents, amount of traffic in races, race requirements, milestones and bounty per rival with the original values, price of reduced performance parts, top speed multiplier and slightly accelerated increased, forced heat level for each rival, with the razor forcing level 5 regardless of what you do

Medium: similar to the EASY difficulty, with the difference in the skill level of the opponents, traffic and requirements of each rival, from this difficulty onwards all opponents can be destroyed during the race

Hard: skill level of opponents raised, all with forced performance level, acceleration multiplier and top speed considerably increased, traffic increased, requirements of each rival increased, heat level with 1 level increased, with the razor reaching level 7, catchup activated, price of performance parts increased

Very Hard: opponents' skill level at maximum (100), top speed and acceleration multiplier approaching 2x, traffic approaching maximum, opponents' performance forced to maximum, catchup activated, forced heat level increasing in all rivals, with the razor forcing level 8

Masochism:opponents' skill level at maximum, top speed and acceleration multiplier 2x, traffic at maximum (100), heat level drastically increased, with the razor forcing level 9, opponents' performance identical to Very Hard, player's car with LIFE, with variations as in UE, Fragile, Tough, Strong, Robust and Armored, exclusive SUVS cars ONLY for this difficulty (it wouldn't make sense to exist in other difficulties), NOS of opponents 2x stronger

This is all planned about the difficulties, some things may change or I can add other types of variations in the difficulties, such as the forced drag mechanic all the time in the Masochism difficulty, until then, I will inform you

Car list and progression


Eclipse gt

Clio v6

Lotus elise

Audi a4

Cadillac cts

Impreza wrx

Lancerevo 8




Pontiac gto


Carrera s




911 gt2

911 turbo s

Corvette c6.r

911 gt1

Ford gt


Slr mclaren


Nissan 240sx

Scion tc

Fiat punto

Civic si

Silvia s15

Crown victoria

Cobalt ss


Mit fto


Acura rsxs

Eclipse gsx

Mazda rx8

Dodge srt4 acr

Mustang gt

Audi tt

Audi a3

Mazda rx7

Skyline r33

Supra a80

Audi s3

Skyline r32

Impreza wrx sti


Bmw z4

Mustang boss302


Celica gts

Carrera rsr 3.0

Lotus esprit s4

Rx8 speedt

Corvette c6

Mosler mt900r

Viper gts-r

Zonda f

Gta spano

Murc lp640

Nardo w12

Cadillac cien




Mclaren f1

Ssc aero

Cadillac sixteen


Golf gti

Skyline r34

Camaro concept

Skyline r34 N

Audi le mans

Honda nsx


Camaro ss

Civic si eg6

Lexus sc300

Charger rt

Lotus europa s

Dodge challenger

HEMI 'Cuda

Cayman s

Shelby gt500

Charger srt8

Lexus lfa

Carrera gt

Ferrari f50


Ferrari f40

Clk gtr



Camaro iroc-z


Jaguar xj220


Aston martin gt3

9ff gt9 Vmax


Total: 96

100%: 45

80%: 6

50%: 17

Vanilla: 23

Stock: 2

0%: 3

100% = There is nothing more to do regarding tuning

80% = Needs tuning or addition

50% = Needs touch-up, addition and redesign

Vanilla = Same thing as 50%

Stock = No tuning required, as they are Bonus cars

0% = Needs to be added first

(SUVs were not counted)

all images were removed because I reworked the tuning of all the cars that were shown


Update #4 - 3 months ago

Many things 👍

Update #3 - 6 months ago

Just to say that the project is alive, I had taken a break of 3 months.

Probable news soon (if not too many personal matters to be resolved, again)

Update #2 - 1 year ago

Now some cars will be ported by me directly from other NFS, like Carbon, Pro Street, World among others, some due to lack of permission and others just because they are better models or have more customizations, all with unlimiter customization

Now the project has a new objective, to improve the customization of vanilla cars without replacing the ones that already exist, starting with the is300, parts ported from nfs world and made by me, the next ones are... I don't know yet xd, but in the end all will have new unlimiter customizations.

Added more customizations for 20+ cars, including some that already appeared in the screenshots, like the 3000gt, so some screenshots are outdated.

More images added and description updated.

Update #1 - 1 year ago

Just some images added

Visitor Comments

  • LRF Modding - 1 year ago
    User Date
    carmon961 year ago
    I'm interested in the car list!
    • Opex Rah - 1 year ago
      User Date

      for now there aren't many, because I have to ask permission from each modder, and sometimes it gets complicated when they don't leave a means of contact xd

  • Laur1sXd - 1 year ago
    User Date
    Wow, coool! You can use my vinyls for few LM1992 cars in your project if you want! ;)
    edited by Laur1sXd 1 year ago
  • juankatellito - 1 year ago
    User Date
    carmon961 year ago

    hello how about you can add more races (circuits, sprints, toll booths, elimination, radars and accelerations so that the game becomes more interesting and more challenges that is what most players ask for. I hope this mod is much better than the previous one.

    • Opex Rah - 1 year ago
      User Date

      adding more races is one of the goals, but not too many so as not to overdo it

    • juankatellito - 1 year ago
      User Date
  • João Victor - 1 year ago
    User Date
    Opex Rah1 year ago

    Eita que lá vem coisa boa de novo!

    Boa sorte neste novo projeto!

    • Opex Rah - 1 year ago
      User Date
      vlw meu rei, tmj
  • The Audi Guys - 1 year ago
    User Date
    bro give pls 3000gt and f1 car... binary and vlt instalation pls
    • Opex Rah - 1 year ago
      User Date

      sorry bro, it's exclusive to the modpack

  • UndercoverBoy833 - 1 year ago
    User Date
    Opex Rah1 year ago
    oh wow, you made some changes in Mosler racecar. great job
  • TheShadowW - 10 months ago
    User Date
    Will there be a demo or something like that to be able to test all that? or an estimate of when it will come out
    • Opex Rah - 10 months ago
      User Date

      there will be an initial version to get people's feedback, I don't know if it will be in the beta or in a pre-release, but I have no estimate, because the work that I will have on this project is 5x greater than the ultimate edition, and it was donein 8 months, do the math there

  • EvoX - 6 months ago
    User Date

    :thumbsup:Cool man! U know, I'm using a similar mod with many cars. Author is one very smart guy :thumbsup:But one problem: some cars go invisible in races (only wheels). Did u manage to solve this in your mod?)

    • Opex Rah - 6 months ago
      User Date
      EvoX6 months ago

      yes I did, the problem is in the dbmodelparts of these cars with invisible parts, some cars come with extra parts that don't exist, like a RX7_BODY_KIT12, being that it doesn't have a RX7_BODY_KIT12, so the game ends up randomly selecting that kit in one of the opponents and a part of it it becomes invisible, well, this is something advanced, if you know how to use binary, you can solve it

      edited by Opex Rah 6 months ago
  • McRacer Guy from CDT - 6 months ago
    User Date
    Opex Rah6 months ago
    Wow we are getting alot of projects lately, I wonder if there would be insane map changes and more races...
    • Opex Rah - 6 months ago
      User Date

      actually this project exists for 9 months....

  • RTR450R - 6 months ago
    User Date
    Opex Rah6 months ago
    NubTuning7K6 months ago

    so far, this is one of the most promising MW modpack. since you actually add new stuff i've never seen before like some kits.

    keep up the good work, and take your time.
    edited by RTR450R 6 months ago
  • Topzin - 3 months ago
    User Date
    Opex Rah3 months ago

    Ei cara, parabéns pelo trabalho, o UE estava incrível , acredito que esse será melhor ainda. Tenho uma sugestão sobre as dificuldades do jogo. Como nos já sabemos, a maior dificuldade do jogo requer carros blindados para poder aguentar o trampo das perseguições policiais de nível avançado, só que a sensação de fugir da policias com qualquer carro  é muito bom (Coisa que n da pra fazer na dificuldade Extrema), então queria saber se é possível  vc criar uma versão "inquebrável" para todas as dificuldades, para assim o jogador poder usar qualquer carro numa fuga de varias horas.  

    • Opex Rah - 3 months ago
      User Date
      Topzin3 months ago
      aí perderia parte do sentido da ultima dificuldade mano, foi por isso que vou deixar esse sistema SÓ pra ultima dificuldade, mas abaixo dela também vai ter uma dificuldade fudida de dificil não se preocupe kkk, tem coisa que não detalhei mt bem ou nem disse, só esperar meu casa

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