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SlideEditor for NFS1

SlideEditor for NFS1
Added On July 15, 2022
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= Slide Converter =

= for The Need for Speed (SE) =

= =

= Written by Mike 'Thommson' =

= =

= ©1998 Mike 'Thommson' =

= E-Mail: =

= URL: =


Please report Bugs!




No warranty of any kind comes with this file ! Its contents are

totally *unofficial*, and Electronic Arts has no responsibility in all of

this (they just made a fine game :-)

This program may not be sold, bartered, or distributed with

any other product for which any charge is made (other than

incidental charges for time spent on-line), but rather

must be distributed free of charge.




This is Slide Editor for the EA game The Need For Speed (SE). This program

was written by request of many people, who want to edit Slides in the game. This is

usefull if you have made a new Car and want to show few Photos of this Car, maybe with

credits, etc.

NOTE: You don't need any additional DLL files to run this program.

Special thanks to Ian Brown for his description of the QFS file format.

And to Denis Auroux for QFS-Encoder and BugFix in QFS-Decoder. Great Work!




-Full/Medium Installation of NFS

-ImageEditor (PaintShopPro, PaintBrush, etc)




1. Slide files you can find in your /SimData/Slides/ directory.

Take a slide (any file with QFS extension) and copy it to the directory, where you

have installed NFSSLDED.EXE;

TIP: You can also install this program to the Slides directory.

2. Now you have to convert QFS slidefile to BMP. Go to the directory, where you have

NFSSLDED.EXE and write: NFSSLDED.EXE -d .qfs .bmp

-----v----- -v- ----v----- -----v----

program decode InputFile OutputFile

name option (SlideFile) (BitmapFile)

3. Now you have in the same directory a new file - .bmp. Start a Graphic

Program and load this file in it.

4. After Editing it's very IMPORTANT to optimize the Image to 8bit (256 colors) colormode.

(i.e. PaintShopPro)

5. Finaly you have to convert the edited BMP file back to QFS SlideFile. Do folowing:

NFSSLDED.EXE -e .bmp .qfs

-----v----- -v- ----v----- -----v----

program encode InputFile OutputFile

name option (BitmapFile) (SlideFile)

6. Copy the created QFS file back to Slides directory.

NOTE: don't forget to rename this QFS file to SlideFileName, if you have changed

the name during the convertion.




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