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Need for Speed Underground 2 Downloads

NFSU2 "no sponsors" modpack

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nfsu2 "no sponsors" modpack alpha v 15.08.23 in development

download, unzip and play. -

installation: download unzip and play. in order to play run the speed2.exe file and select save 1 or 2.

who has weak computers, the game may not start due to the fact that there is not enough memory. try removing TexWizard.asi or changing file extension, it will help. but without graphics, which is supposedly 4k. here are all the links to me, write to the discord for questions, errors, bugs, etc.


info modpack (patreon)

photos / screenshots

all cars in modpack screenshots

recommended pc config Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz integrad gpu Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, 2.1 GB Turn on HD reflections if you need them. the game uses a reshade setting that saves screenshots, do not forget to specify the folder in which it will save them. enter the game and press the Home hotkey - Settings (3 Column) - under Prints Screen

New skyboxes, new textures for billboards (now the anime has become smaller, more closer to the topic)

returned the original number of laps for races like Circuit, Street R, Url except for drifting. I don't like it, that's why it's shortened

updated Nissan Skyline R34 GTR by Archie and 2003 Nissan Fairlady Z (Z33) by nlgxzef with new ones (replacement and improvements)

Toyota Corolla AE has been improved, now it has a higher maximum speed, the infiniti g35 has been fixed, now the wheels are in their place

made animated loading screen (note that the game will crash because of him and not because of add-on cars)


LastBreath - main / Revolution / HighVision on replace.

url and drift racing - sponsors/adve changed to racing barriers/stands, including 2 arches TOYO

all posters in the city and races - lap, sprint, drag. as well as Burger King textures and signs with inscriptions of shops, brands, etc.

sky textures - changed, hdri google

textures found and changes - on a purple and black background

MODS NFSU2 EA License Patch 1.2 EU + Crack. the game is patched with SPEED2 4gb patched. Runs in a frameless window, on a single processor with a 120 fps limit to avoid crashes and a smooth comfortable game en interface, ru voice acting - Videos, Sound, Messages.

List of mods installed in this order

1 Unlimiter.v3.1 by nlgxzef

2 CarSoundData by nlgxzef

3 Olympic Imports by nlgxzef

4 DualColorPulse Neon or New Custom Neon Textures by SupraTurbo2JZ

5 New Ultra Intense Headlights by SupraTurbo2JZ

6 Customization Plus update 11.04.23 by KylaAngelineKZYeng

7 New Better Plates NFS for u2 (changed plates) by nlgxzef

8 SilverBrakesInsteadOfYellowishOnes by SupraTurbo2JZ

9 Stock CF Hoods by xGMVx

10 Paintable Aluminum Spoilers by SupraTurbo2JZ

11 Mustang_Saleen_S281_Conversion by moses1738

12 Vinyl Restriction Remover by SupraTurbo2JZ

13 Custom FNGs for U2 by nlgxzef

14 Loading_screen_1.4 (changed photo) mod was deleted

15 The Smol Improvement Scripts by Lexal

16 CustomHUD 1.8.1 for U2 by Archie (f key - change Hud. To do this during the game, you need to open the .ini of this mod and insert a different name in the HUDpath line. Expand the game and press the " f"key)

17 NFS 2015 Minimap (upgraded) by BadassBaboon

18 NFSU2: Upscaled HUD by LunicAura106

new Showroom NFSPS by TerminatorVasya










XNFSModFiles (SATEditor) - Color change in the menu

dimap - save control settings

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