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Koenigsegg CCXR Special Edition

Koenigsegg CCXR Special Edition
Added On November 28, 2020
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Version Undercover
Brand Koenigsegg
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This car replaces None (Addon car)

The Fast Sweden Boi Has Made It's Way To Undercover!!


Step 1 - Extract the "CARS" folder into your Undercover Installation

Step 2 - Open VLTed, open Undercover, press File -> Import -> Modscript and select "ccxr.nfsms"

Step 3 - Install the script file, then press File -> Save

Step 4 - Drag the Ed config into your Ed directory

Step 5 - Open Ed, select your Undercover directory and then you should see your config there NOTE: Press Tools -> Unlock game files for modding

if you're starting up Ed for the first time, but after that you don't have to.

Step 6 - Press apply and then close Ed

Step 7 - You're done! now start a new save or...

How to add addon cars to existing save files.

Step 1 - Download the NFSNation save editor

Step 2 - Extract it and then go to it's location -> Config -> Cars.xml

Step 3 - Open it with Notepad++ and then paste this on top of every other string:

<vehicle key="ccxr" fe="ccxr" model="CCXR">



Step 4 - Press file -> Save

Step 5 - Now open the save editor and select your save file

Step 6 - Then go to stock and duplicate any car string there and change it to the ccxr

Step 7 - Press Save and Close and that should be it!


EA - World and Undercover Assets

The Blender Foundation - Blender

nfsu360 - NFS VLTed and Car Toolkit

NFSNation - Save Editor

Don Ho - Notepad++

Me - For converting the car to Undercover

Hope you enjoy!!

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  • Peter918 tools - 3 months ago
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    nice car ;)


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