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Mazda RX-7

Mazda RX-7
AuthorSaint Raid
Added On October 26, 2023
Views 6,698
Downloads 1,115
Version Most Wanted
Brand Mazda
Favorited 9 times
Average Rating
9.4/10 - 18 votes
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Additional Screenshots


This car replaces Mazda RX-7 (RX7)



Unlimiter V4 support.
512x vinyls.
IPS Time Attack, Panspeed, Pandem Boss Aero bodykits.
3 new spoilers.
Stock customizable rims + 4 new custom rims.
3 new hoods.
3 levels of customizable rollcages, now separated from the interior. Paint, Chrome, CF and Tint variants.
10 new headlights.
6 new taillights.
1 new variant of side mirrors.
1 trunk decoration.
Driver and passenger seat customization. 4 new seats + seat removal, nitrous tanks, body pillows and plushies.
5 roof decorations.
11 custom vinyls.
Underground 2 vinyls in most of the categories. (512x is not supported.)
7 driver models.
Tinted variants for hoods, roofs, trunks, headlights and taillights.
Custom icons for the UI.
Custom camera angles for customization options.


Car now uses vanilla Paul model as a stock one instead of Ryan Cooper.
Disabled roof scoops.
Moved hood and trunk decals into Visual > Decals section. Now it is fully customizable with the ingame decals instead of the car ones.
Changed wheel spacing, radius and ride height for all the bodykits.
(Experimental) Replaced language strings usage with Debug Names.
Improved carbonfiber parts UV mapping (excluding hoods)
Car name in English.bin now changed.
Changed tinted parts of Veilside Fortune (Tint) bodykit.


Fixed decals on custom roofs.
Fixed headlight texture on Sleepy headlights.
Fixed headlight markers rendering backwards.
Painted spoilers now unaffected by liveries.
Fixed Veilside bodykit UV mapping.


This mod replaces and overhauls the original RX7 with a considerable amount of customization options.

Before installing the mod, make sure you have:

NFSMW Unlimiter by nlgxzef (
NFSMW Extra Options by nlgxzef (
Global Textures Pack 1.5 by Viper4k (
VltEd v4.6 by nfsu360 (
Binary by MaxHwoy (

The mod features:

25 bodykits (includes 2 variations of Veilside Fortune 4 - Tinted and Painted)
14 spoilers (+ CF)
12 hoods (+ CF and Tint-colored)
3 rollcages (+ CF, Chrome and Tint-colored)
5 roofs (+ CF and Tint-colored)
16 headlights (+ CF and Tint-colored)
10 brakelights (+ CF and Tint-colored)
5 side mirrors (+ CF)
4 trunks (+ CF, Tint-colored, removal option and more)
4 seats, body pillows and plushies for passenger seat.
3 roof decorations.
Vinyls (Custom + Underground 2)
Hood decals.
8 driver models.

Special Kudos:

Hopp - Customization assets (ESPECIALLY NEEKO MODEL! <3)
CiPHER - Customization assets and Unlimiter v4 help
Vasya - Body pillows and Unlimiter V4 usage tips
ARCHIE - CarShopGLOW taillights and Pandem Boss Aero assets
VeeTec, nlgzrgn, YochiThMaster333- Unlimiter v4 usage tips
FISCAL - Some of the custom UI icons
Airoz- Custom vinyls
P A I N - Screenshots

Tekizyte - For the car... Whereever you might be now, fella...




You are allowed to use the mod in your modpacks, just put me down in credits.
You are NOT allowed to reupload the model without a permission.

Have fun!

Visitor Comments

  • KnightDrg - 9 months ago
    User Date

    Cool update BUT all the vinyls somehow don't appear on game, I had even tried to replace with the backup Vinyls.bin and ..... it didn't work! Send help pls~!

    p/s:  vinyls are in 512x 

    edited by KnightDrg 9 months ago
    • THXAN_9 - 9 months ago
      User Date
      try to reinstall a mod, maybe you somehow f*cked it up
    • KnightDrg - 9 months ago
      User Date

      Nope, still doesn't work. There was no errors detected on the both attempts (except for "node ... already exsists" for the second one but it doesn't matter)
      , both binary and vlted to mention

  • Chihaya GSR - 9 months ago
    User Date
    Finally, 512× Vinyls🥲🥲🥲
  • MaeveSterling - 9 months ago
    User Date
    512 x 512 doesn't even worked
  • AndreiK - 9 months ago
    User Date
    sry for asking this all along but can i use this in a project of mine ?
    • THXAN_9 - 9 months ago
      User Date
      read the goddamn description, before asking any questions!!!
    • AndreiK - 9 months ago
      User Date
      oh i am sorry, i will read it next time
  • Sonic49PH - 9 months ago
    User Date

    Are the UV mappings on the kits fixed?

    Edit: (Checked the mod) yes

    edited by Sonic49PH 9 months ago
  • Saint - 9 months ago
    User Date

    Okay, everyone that are here for 512x vinyls:

    I checked the mod out on the vanilla game, since it still supports 512x vinyls. It works as intended.

    Try to reinstall the mod and follow ALL the steps in ReadMe file. You're probably missed out something. Make sure that you have the last Unlimiter V4, since 3.0 could be incompatable with the older Unlimiter releases.

    edited by Saint 9 months ago
    • Chihaya GSR - 9 months ago
      User Date
      goodly, i was already used Unlimiter v4🥲
  • gl4disme - 9 months ago
    User Date
    One small issue, some custom taillights seem to be missing brakelight mount points, so for example there's like right brakelight flare, but left one is missing.
  • MaeveSterling - 8 months ago
    User Date
    Okay It's working now after i reinstalled this game again
  • KnightDrg - 8 months ago
    User Date

    It's seem like the car having the conflict with other addon cars in Redux or with my bloated DBModelParts. Hence, I had to uninstall 10+ cars to make the vinyl to work.
    Now I suffer from the issue of not able to add the vinyls via  Binary. I don't think the mod is compatible with 'Vee-nyl overhaul'

  • Chihaya GSR - 8 months ago
    User Date
    Does it have Keisuke's RX-7 spec IV and spec V(RE Amemiya GT-AD aerokit) bodykit???
    edited by Chihaya GSR 8 months ago
  • Steven CG - 10 days ago
    User Date
    Nice update, can you make an next update, like add on

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