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Need for Speed Most Wanted Downloads

Ford Crown Victoria

Ford Crown Victoria
Added On January 24, 2023
Views 7,919
Downloads 954
Version Most Wanted
Brand Ford
Favorited 11 times
Average Rating
9.4/10 - 29 votes
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File updated on: January 25, 2023

Additional Screenshots


This car replaces None (Addon car)

Car Name: Ford Crown Victoria

Base Model: Need for Speed: Unbound

Cost: 30.000
Unlocks after beating Taz №13


1. Bodykits

2. Hoods

3. Interior

4. Roof

5. Headlights

6. Taillights

7. Brakes

8. Rims

9. Side Mirror

10. Vinyls

11. Licenseplates

12. Attachment 1: Driver Seat

13. Attachment 2: Passenger Seat

14. Attachment 3: Grill

15. Attachment 4: Roof Spoiler

16. Attachment 5: Roof Attachments

17. Attachment 6: Boot Option

18. Attachment 7: Rollcage

Showcase video by P A I N:


Make sure you already have Binary, VLT-Ed, & NFS: MW Unlimiter installed. The installation is very easy.

1. Open your Binary & select "User Mode"

2. Choose "Crown Vic [Add-on] Installer.end"

3. Select your NFS MW directory

4. Save, but don't run your game yet

5. Open your Vlt-Ed and then import the "VLT Install.nfsms"

6. Press install then save it

7. Go to the scripts folder in nfsmw directory, open NFSMWUnlimiterSettings.ini and set ExpandMemoryPools = 1

8. Open NFSMWExtraOptionsSettings.ini and set ExpandMemoryPools = 1

9. Run the game, create new savegame, enjoy the mod

Questions and answers:

Q: Why there isn't some bodykits that Carbon version has?

A: These bodykits were separeted in 2 parts and Most Wanted doesn't support separeting bodykits in 2 parts

Q: Can I include this car to my modpack?

A: Yes but don't forget to credit me, Vee-Tec and KenjaMago

Terminator_Vasya (me) - Converting Vee's mod to mw

Vee-Tec - Original mod & Beta Tester

KenjaMago - Performance Data & Beta tester

THXAN_9 - Beta tester

P A I N - Beta Tester & new Screenshots

AJ_Lethal - Binary & VLT Installers template

nlgzrgn - Unlimiter & ExOpts

ASC - NFS Unbound model

nfsu360 - Cartoolkit, Texed, VltEd

MaxHwoy - Binary


  • Version 1.01 uploaded January 25, 2023

    Terminator_Vasya uploaded a new version. The new file is 69.79 MB.

    Added 1024px Vinyl support
    Added debug vinyl for vinyls makers (for vinyls makers.png)
  • Initial version uploaded January 24, 2023

    Terminator_Vasya, Vee-Tec, KenjaMago uploaded initial version. The original file is 46.53 MB.

Visitor Comments

  • NubTuning7K - 1 year ago
    User Date

    more cars like these please 9/10

    bro do you have the link to the garage?

    • Terminator_Vasya - 1 year ago
      User Date
      NubTuning7K1 year ago
      LEGIONART1 year ago
      ayavy1 year ago

      Link to that garage:

  • LexusLFA2077 - 1 year ago
    User Date
    Thing is freaking dope.
  • Stevenky24 - 1 year ago
    User Date


    do you had any plans to make new car for NFS Most Wanted?
  • Ky_Mani - 5 months ago
    User Date

    This is top tier dude.......amazing mod

  • Ky_Mani - 5 months ago
    User Date

    Could you please make a f150 raptor

  • Dynamitechips - 3 months ago
    User Date
    Can you pls update the car to unlimiter v4 and also add the legendary customs body kit and if it doesn't look correct can you fix it?
    • Terminator_Vasya - 3 months ago
      User Date
      Dynamitechips3 months ago
      there's nothing much to update, + legendary customs kit needs more than 1 slot to be fitted in (since it's too high-poly afaik) and in mw it's not possible to link parts yet
      edited by Terminator_Vasya 3 months ago
    • Dynamitechips - 3 months ago
      User Date
      Terminator_Vasya3 months ago
      Thx still hope one day will see it and mod is 10/10 nice

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