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BMW M3 Coupe

BMW M3 Coupe
This is one that everyones been waiting for. The Tuneable M3. Originally in the works from FinalMaster2, his model was found to be messed up so wasn't worth releasing, then with the experienced help of RedBladeGTS, the M3 was fully working. With 1 bodykit which is the M3 GTR bodykit that also fully changes the interior to the GTR's racing interior, workig hoods, spoilers, roof scoops, rims, vinyls, body paint, decals & number decals. This German beauty is one that will not disappoint.
Damage No Convertible No
Dashboard None Class A
Vidwall No Serial #
Windows Clear Licence Plate Non-Editable
Top Speed 300 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 0

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Visitor Comments

ToyotaWish - 12 years ago

Oooh! At last! A tuneable M3!!

ToyotaWish - 12 years ago

Hmmn. It doesn't work. ):

HSVDrifter - 12 years ago

Uh how does it not work, Did you install it right. Also do you have the shoipspezial mod installed on your MW savegame?

ToyotaWish - 12 years ago

Nope... No ShopSpezial Mod... I just did as the readme said... Copy the files to the CARS_REPLACE/BMWM3GTR folder. Then I stared MW ModLoader, selected the M3 GTR, and it's still the old car. ??

HSVDrifter - 12 years ago

Yea because your probably looking at the GTR Race
you need to find the GTR Street. And you need shopspezial to get it tuneable. Go to NFSCars and get it.

skylinepitbull - 12 years ago

should had have 2 bodykits, GTR (race), GTR (street) bodykits

ToyotaWish - 12 years ago

Ohh... The GTR Street... I'll go try. (:

hermes3 - 12 years ago

nice, but slow .-)

Kommander - 12 years ago

This is a sweet car!!! ty for such a great car!!!

jtoule8 - 12 years ago

the wheels look too big 4 the holes

better_than _razor - 12 years ago

i sold my version on ps2 and was wandering if there was a way of downloadin and transferrin onto ps2

dabigbo$$ - 12 years ago

pls somebody help me? im a little confused... I clicked download on this car, but I just got a weird screen. wat was I supposed 2 get? wat is this nfs garage? IM a big maniac of need for speed and stuff, but wat is this website? pls nobody offend me if Im stupid, its just that I just made my account...

jojo1 - 12 years ago

can someone tell me where the readme is?

Dr.Vibrator - 12 years ago

Does enybody knows where i can download NFS MW BE??

sookas - 11 years ago

dude, dont download it. BUY it :/ what if you made a game, and people would download it?

sookas - 11 years ago

forgot to say, that this car RULZ

chippmunkz - 11 years ago

how do i use it?

filipino_racer - 11 years ago

the car is nice but car handling is not good : (

vasilder - 11 years ago

hello where are i?

Taronish123 - 11 years ago

hey can someone plzz tell me why this won't work in my MW
its Version 1.3

infinity - 9 years ago

how can i make my own. vinyls and what program i need to use plz send to

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