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Aston Martin DBR9

Aston Martin DBR9
AuthorGamer boy
Added On August 13, 2010
Views 64,824
Downloads 14,315
Version Most Wanted
Brand Aston Martin
Favorited 4 times
Average Rating
10/10 - 3 votes
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This car replaces Porsche Cayman S (CAYMANS)

>-------------------------------ASTON MARTIN DBR9--------------------------------<

by Gamer boy.


Mod Type = CAR

For = Need for Speed : Most Wanted

Author = Gamer boy

Author E-mail =

Tools used for this car

= Adobe photoshop 10 CS3

= NFSMW - Car Editing Tools

= Zmodeler v1.0.7

= Zmodeler v2.2.1

= NFS-TexEd v0.9.0

= Nvidia Photoshop DDS plugins v7.23

This car is converted from the game Need for Speed Prostreet and Shift and this is my first car with LIVRIES. . hope u like my this long conversion. i was working on this car from 1 month and 17 days now it's complete.


1. Open .rar file and extract every thing (except for read this before usage.txt) in your Need for speed Most Wanted Directory.

2. Create a shortcut of Speed.exe which is inside your directory where you have installed NFS:MW. Right click on the shortcut & click on Properties. Then in the target box add '-mod' at the end without commas. Then click on Apply & OK.

3. Run game and check my car .this car replaces from Porcshe Cayman S ..

This car can be customize with :

5 Bodykits (Livries from NFS Shift).

Body paint (When car don't has any of Livry or Bodykit).


Whole Performance parts.




>------------------>SOME BUGS<-------------------<

1.This car dont has a license plate.

2.This car dont customize with vinyls, decals and numbers.

and if u notice any other bug just tell me on my Profile on this web or PM me..


Madjack - for teach me how to make Car with Livries

Oleg M - for Zmodeler v1.0.7 and Zmodeler v2.2.1.

Arushan - for his NFSMW Car Creating tools (Arushan, without your tools it is impossible to make cars).

nfsu360 - for NFS-TexEd v0.9.0. - for Aston Martin DBR9 whole mesh and textures. - for Photoshop DDS plugins.

Electronics Arts - for the Great game Need for Speed Most Wanted and Livry #1,2 and 3 for DBR9 that i got from NFS SHift. - for Livry #5.

F.R - for allow me to use his BMWM3GT2's ATTRIBUTES.MWPS . and his conversion tutorial on his website how to convert cars form NFS Prostreet to NFS Most Wanted.

and finally me - for this conversion.


1:>You are not allowed to use any part of this car without my permission.

2:>You are not allowed to tune, modify or convert this car to other games without my permission.

3:>You are free to upload this car to any website provided that the files, author & description remains the same.

thanks for download this car....

and sorry for my Crazy english....


Visitor Comments

  • shed2dom - 14 years ago
    User Date
    Man, You are awesome!!!
    this is some fu@king good looking supercar
  • Dude Im So Nice - 11 years ago
    User Date
    Thanks! I'll download it. I love it

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