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EPC 2023 an the Half

EPC 2023 an the Half
Added On May 14, 2023
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Version High Stakes
Original Track Empire City
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File updated on: May 16, 2023

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Hi there an that Description thing ) Well a good NfsHS guy named : EdwardGeo gave me his Permission, to use a few his 4X High Red textures. I was Happy about that. :) I used say 30% of his on my track.

Did sifting huh.

Anyways, I like how it turned out more.

Things I changed:

Was Shut down that long road in middle of the Map here.

Cause Lap Counter, didn't work with it anyway (

Fixed the better road better in spots.

Found an invisible wall, that stopped your car on right wall corner on top of the Hill area. Past pillers. Glad I did. Find that.

Tried to make some Type 6 Objects: I'm tired ok. So I'm not remembering the name, my boxes was huge at the start so I had make them more Smaller but they could have been smaller, but I ran out time for it. ) For now.

Worked on the weather an sky best I could for now.

I think this new name year track turned out nicer in many spots I like the Lighter tree I used thanks to Edward Geo,bro etc. 😎😶‍🌫️

An others. Ok I go upload this now.

Wish me luck.

I know, I did hard Works..!!! On this since last week.

Try to Enjoy it more.

I don't care about, if that back road gos blank an you can't see well it's not that hard to get thru- that, happens at night race more.

Lol huh. Was another fun fix up for me!

Enjoy Will & Edwardgeo



  • Version Same uploaded May 16, 2023

    WiLL uploaded a new version. The new file is 1.08 MB.

    Hi this is the better Mass- Weight for my Type 6 Objects an I was able add some Colors to them Crates is this update then. Is better I feel. 😎 Thanks Mike about telling me how update my projects..
  • Initial version uploaded May 14, 2023

    NfsWiLL & EdwardGeo uploaded initial version. The original file is 7.49 MB.

Visitor Comments

  • WiLL - 14 days ago
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    The 4X High Res, Ones oh my goofball phone.thanks for upping it tonight was good 😊 I forgot to say many things. Like that Last pic on my list here.

    Showing that big right Corner wall is were I found that invisible wall glad I found that just about we're my road gos left there. 

    An I tried replacing many more of my 24 bit textures,like all the grass all because, when you want do a nice Car pic you'll see this blueish ,stuff thru the cars windows an that's not any good. 

    Was another,reason I changed with these nicer 8 bit ones. ) 

    An added that metal Steel beams Roof on the road after starting line was nicer. An fixed up that back alleyway to. I know my Mirrored views are not so great. So try forgive me on that. 


  • EvoX - 14 days ago
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    Wow. The map looks promising. I need to test)
  • pete9516 - 13 days ago
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    WiLL13 days ago
    EvoX13 days ago
    Hell yeah! Another great pursuit track! Thx so much
  • Zalcus20 - 10 days ago
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    WiLL10 days ago
    Oooh! Gotta check this one out. Looks like a good track for open world cruising in getaway mode without cops (Gst file editing)

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