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Lost Speedway (Fixed)

Lost Speedway (Fixed)
AuthorsFangio, Zalcus20
Added On July 5, 2022
Views 2,067
Downloads 132
Version High Stakes
Original Track Raceway
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9.5/10 - 6 votes
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******ALL credit goes to the original author of this awesome "GT MOD" track, Fangio.******

The visual attributes of the track (textures, 3d mesh, etc.) have not been touched. Only virtual data has been edited.

A total of five adjustments were made:

1. A big fix was made for the AI driving line on this track. They will no longer drive slowly and will seldom crash into the walls. 

2. The visibility of this track has been edited to be a bit more tolerable. Objects will still pop into view, but from a further distance.

3. Some sticky walls have been fixed.

4. The floating cones in the air have be deleted.

5. Nonessential light sources have been removed.



Sometimes the AI bots will still veer off the driving line and slam into the inside wall on the 180 degree turns.



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  • JimDiabolo - 2 years ago
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    Zalcus202 years ago
    Nikster2 months ago

    I've tried the track now. Visibility is pretty good for a track with such long straights. Great work.


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