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Hi there... This was a Good Mod...

It's about many little fix-ups, in places. 

an it's about this? Tall not so Steep, thing)

that makes it Fun...

my read me tells about it, I think? 

Enjoy! Have Fun 

HS people... )

;) :cool: :checkeredflag:

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EvoX - 1 month ago
Wow lookz like smth interesting, I need to test it!
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WiLL1 month ago
WiLL - 1 month ago

Hi how wuz your test)

I know about this, day weather sky. needs reworks. I don't like having, so many version's out.. but, I found another nice idea.  good to have a winter hobby. when not so busy these days) 

I like that hill it's fun to lap around the closer shortcut when have time in the race. oh I so 

Monday is here.. huh 😌😔🌌

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WiLL - 1 month ago

I make my Tracks for myself mainly...

Cause it's Fun for me. an

then I just like to release them Out...

because that's the Unselfish person I am. So I just know later next week..? this Mod will be more Complete for me. 😎

seems like only 7' people are playing Nfs4'HS anymore? or maybe Higher.

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heyFITZ - 28 days ago
there are a  bunch of us  but this track stops in play a lot and is driving me nuts  to bad cause it looks good
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WiLL - 28 days ago

hmm..? Stops your Car in play? or Track ?

Runs fine for me windows 7. 

You talking about a Invisable wall some place.

Cause it has non unless you find exact location of it. 

I been doing this a long time... im not worried about it) Hit Car Refresh if you get stuck in the snow. Peace dude heyFitz...:} 

and,  we try not having any here. 

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EvoX - 28 days ago
Im still trying to  test it but working hard these days... Sooner or later i will...
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WiLL28 days ago
WiLL - 28 days ago

That's all good Evox 

bud I be very busy Friday to...

I hope I make the best choices...

I got work bills, an try to have a more Relaxing weekend.. you know. 

thanks peace to hope you feel 

Better about your days. I can't pm on here so I say to much here? at times dude bud

I'm glad things are more Positive... in my life since Dec 5th an 6th. Geezers. 

nothing to do with you Friend? Cya 

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EvoX - 28 days ago

Yea good newz from ya... I played hs about 2 months ago... Sheety schedule... Still trying 2 rock my body and follow my way on the highway haha... Btw wazzup with da 996 Porsche.? I remember NFSMclaren guy ssid it was 96 percent ready... So need2know this... Sry 4 dis offtop here in ya topic. Peace!

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