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Porsche 911 Turbo GTS (996.2)

Porsche 911 Turbo GTS (996.2)
Added On April 3, 2023
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Version High Stakes
Brand Porsche
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File updated on: April 4, 2023

Additional Screenshots

NFS:HS Features

Class AA Serial # 43
Damage Yes Dashboard New
Convertible No Vidwall Yes
Windows Clear Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 208 mph
333 kmh
Polycount 7739
Driver Animated


base from NFSMW


A modified 996 Turbo with 600 hp on tap; no more, no less.


Scratch-made? Polycount Colors Interior Dash Driver
no, based on NFSMW's 911 Turbo S 7739 10 (all OEM) yes yes, converted from NFSPU custom (werewolf)
Performance Class 0-60 mph (100 km/h) Top Speed
AA 3.4 s 208 mph (335 km/h)
Misc. features:
  • Sounds from NFSMW upgraded 911 Turbo (por_911_a)
  • Damage
  • LB and TB LODs for smoother performance with opponents enabled


Extract this file/folder... ...into this folder
car.viv data\cars\996w
996w.qfs, 996w1.qfs, 996w2.qfs data\feart\vidwall
sh996w.qfs data\showcase\art

Used tools:

ZModeler 1.07b | NFS CarToolkit | GIMP | FCE Finish 2 | FCE Centerer | FCE Colors | NFS Wizard | Audacity | NFSHS CARP Generator | NFSHS Vidwall and Showcase Toolkit


If you would like to modify and/or distribute this mod, please:

  • keep this readme file without any alterations whatsoever (in case of just sharing this mod around)
  • give me proper credit (AJ_Lethal) for creating the mod
  • Seriously, respecting those conditions is not hard at all. Unless you're terminally dumb or a shameless, talentless hack.


  • Version 1.0 Rev. A uploaded April 4, 2023

    AJ_Lethal uploaded a new version. The new file is 1.83 MB.

    -fixed culling in steering wheel polies
  • Initial version uploaded April 3, 2023

    AJ_Lethal uploaded initial version. The original file is 1.83 MB.

Visitor Comments

  • EvoX - 2 months ago
    User Date
    Could u, just in case, convert some 997 from there? With a moderate polycount as all those patches refuse to work on my system? Great car this one too.
  • noise - 2 months ago
    User Date
    EvoX2 months ago
    AJ_Lethal2 months ago

    So well done....two tone colors and the sharp details, it's all very good.

    First time I see a dash in AJ's car (PU converted but pretty good) and LB/TB.

    edited by noise 1 month ago
  • Spectre - 2 months ago
    User Date
    EvoX2 months ago
    AJ_Lethal2 months ago

    Almost as close to the RUF RGT RS (996).

    Excellent work!


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