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2002 Panoz LMP-02

2002 Panoz LMP-02
This is my 2nd scratch made car. The wheels are made by Apathy.
Damage No Convertible No
Dashboard Incorrect Class AAA
Vidwall Yes Serial # 30
Windows Clear Licence Plate None
Top Speed 190 mph
304 kmh
Polycount 0

Visitor Comments

Remko - 16 years ago

Another excellent LeMans racer. Nice work.

Venom800tt - 16 years ago

It took me about a week or so to make it.

Remko - 16 years ago

*groans* I see that there's a &%$@*! going around rating all new cars a '1' again - why don't these people get a life? Or buy one?

Remko - 16 years ago

Ah, thankfully our other visitors are doing their duty. :)

kregspiel - 16 years ago

This car makes my game crash:(
I thought it mite be the 255 white in the tga so I toned it down a couple notches but the game still crashes. Anyone else got ideas as Id like to use this car?

Remko - 16 years ago

An 'Exception Error'? Did you try:
-checking the serials
-setting the audio options to stereo
-race with less (or even none) opponent (this is a thing with very high poly cars)

I know you're not a newbie, but we have to check everything...

kregspiel - 16 years ago

No it wasnt the exception error and I have a lot of sdram and it wasnt the sound and it wasnt #opponents. The car appears in game when I use other cars but the moment I try to view the car in garage it crashes. I think it might be too much chrome on the wheels or something but its not the # of polys.

Venom800tt - 16 years ago

You need the hi-poly menu patch for this car. Get it from JP Racing's site.

carlover - 12 years ago

I need the NFS Wizard, can anybody put a link for that?

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