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Ferrari 360 Modena

Ferrari 360 Modena

Update: June 11, 2019

  • Added showcase files;
  • Fixed window mapping on all upgrades.

Update: August 6, 2019

  • New, higher poly model;
  • Forza Motorsport 4 wheels;
  • New brake calipers
  • Fixed texture bugs.

This is the Ferrari 360 Modena. It is based on Forza Motorsport 4, with the brakes from Viper's 360 Spider.


  • 6396 polies;
  • Dash (default 360 Modena dash);
  • Damage;
  • 6 Colors (default 360 Modena colors)
  • Required $160,000 for career purchase;
  • Multi-language support;
  • Official unpacked showcase files;
  • Upgrades (see below).

Upgrade Features:

Upgrade 1:

  • BBS Wheel (from NFS Most Wanted);
  • 7202 polies;

Upgrade 2:

  • Forza 4's front bumper and spoiler;
  • BBS GT wheel (from NFS Most Wanted);
  • 7121 polies;

Upgrade 3:

  • Forza 4's front bumper and spoiler;
  • BBS GT wheel (from NFS Most Wanted);
  • Custom body vinyl;
  • 7121 polies


  • Open you Need for Speed: High Stakes directory;
  • Copy the 'FMod' folder to the folder "Data/Cars";
  • Copy the 'FMod.qFs', 'FMod1.qFs' and 'FMod2.qFs' files to the folder "Data/FeData/Vidwall";
  • Copy the showcase files to the folder "Data/Showcase/";
  • -Move the "FMODCDES.BNK" to you current used language;
  • Run the game and select the desired vehicle.


  • AJ_Lethal - help, tutorial and parts (default and race driver, brake, caliper and tread textures);
  • Viper Jay 5 - Ferrari 360 Spider brakes and textures;
  • Cyrax - vehicle conversion from Forza Motorsport 4;
  • JYSB59 - Forza Studio 4.1

Used Tools:

  • Google SketchUp 2016; ZModeler 2.2.6; ZModeler 1; GIMP 2.8; Forza Studio 4.1; NFS TexEd; FCE Centerer; FCE Colors; FCE Finish; NFS Wizard


Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard Yes Class AA
Vidwall Yes Serial # 16
Windows Black Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 231 mph
370 kmh
Polycount 6396
Driver Animated

Additional Screenshots

Visitor Comments

nikomiku - 9 months ago
Good replacement and only around 5000 polies. I like that you included upgrades for career mode.
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EvoX - 9 months ago
Cool, I like additional racing elements on the bumper when upgrs are activated.
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EvoX - 4 months ago
So many updates, im happy with the 1st version but i will try this one.
User Date
NFSF1McLaren - 4 months ago

EvoX yeah I know, but I really want my cars to look good as possible even if they aren't exactly great.

User Date
Mike4 months ago
dandresden4 months ago
LRF Modding4 months ago
EvoX - 4 months ago

No criticism at all. Keep up the good work. I hope body smoothness will be even better in the new version.

User Date
NFSF1McLaren4 months ago
LRF Modding4 months ago
NFSF1McLaren - 4 months ago

EvoX thank you. And don't worry, I'm okay with criticism you give me.  I feel like I need to improve as a modder in any way, shape or form.

User Date
LRF Modding4 months ago
EvoX - 4 months ago
Does it have any speed updates?) Never really liked its EA performance.
User Date
Rider66 - 4 months ago
Well, with all the job you doing here, it seems that HS PC Edition almost covered, except DB7 and MHRT. Perfect update of 360, smoother and more realistic looking with still pretty low polycount. With first version, I had some doubts about either this one or 360 CS as replacement, but now choice is obvious. Great job!
User Date
EvoX4 months ago
nikomiku - 4 months ago
SLK and Firebird also need to be covered I think. And about car, great as always!
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