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1957 Chevrolet Corvette

1957 Chevrolet Corvette
Burnout spent more than a year making this car, but it was worth the wait:
Amazing 3d body (6000 polies, but you don't need menu mods for it), even more amazing dashboard, appropriate colours and realistic performance.
Top quality, and not an MCO conversion in sight. ;)
Comes with a full showcase, hence the big download size (5+ mb).
Damage Yes Convertible Yes
Dashboard Yes Class B
Vidwall Yes Serial # 25
Windows Clear Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 132 mph
212 kmh
Polycount 5752

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Visitor Comments

PiTBUL - 17 years ago

1 term came to my mind... HOLY S***!!!! GREAT CAR. looks better than an MCO conversion would that's for sure.... THIS IS A MUST D/L

PiTBUL - 17 years ago

O BTW... Mr.5.0 , I think the track u R looking for is Accidica's Performance Center... I lost the URL but if no one has sent it to you let me know and I will

cpn_spaghetti - 17 years ago

I don't know what to say...It looks great...

gtho351 - 17 years ago

This is soooo damn realistic!~ Cant say i like the real car but this is sweet!

Shenlong - 17 years ago


Cerberus - 17 years ago

What should I say? F****** AWESOME and one of the cars I've been waiting for so long time!

taylorzc00 - 17 years ago

one word... "wow!!"

Impreza Racer - 17 years ago

ooooooh the dash view rocks!

Impreza Racer - 17 years ago

oh and does anyone know the name of that track?

Supra - 17 years ago

now that's the best car i've ever seen, even HANDS ON THE STERRING WHEEL!!!DO U UNDERSTAND, HANDS!!!!

VeilSiDeRaCEr - 17 years ago

Absolutely flawless and that is one great vette

Fantom - 17 years ago

Absolutely FANTASTIC - outstanding job!!!!!

*Mr_5.0* - 17 years ago

whole WOW im um speachless!!!! This car is amazing both in real life and this!!! great job!!!


*Mr_5.0* - 17 years ago

hehehe opps whole = holy

*Mr_5.0* - 17 years ago

um i was just wondering if someone could send me that test course with the skid pad slalom drag strip and brake testing????

xxsynxx - 17 years ago

without a doubt deserves a rank in the top of the cars for NFS4.
great job and much appreciated

Kenworth Man - 17 years ago

hehe 20/10, i agree *Mr 5.0*, this car is astounding, the best there will ever be

Remko - 17 years ago

Impreza racer: The name of that track is 'Project MCSS' by Nappe1 - it's not finished yet, but you can download the beta version at:
Look under 'Betas' (duh!)

*Mr_5.0* - 17 years ago

WOW!! when i posted befor i didnt have the download yet...the hands on the steering wheel makes the dash so much easier to handly (i was never in favor of dashes)

awesome car hope there is more like this to come!!!

*Mr_5.0* - 17 years ago

geeze i need learn how to spell handly = handle

Impreza Racer - 17 years ago

thanx Remko :)

slimjim - 17 years ago

how come this car doesnt work in pursuit mode? Awesome car though, great detail, dashboard and showcase!!!!

Impreza Racer - 17 years ago

works for me in pursuit mode.

maybe your computer can't handle it hehe
how fast is ur computer?

mecha - 17 years ago

I've seen some damn great cars, but this one probably takes the crown of the best-made NFS car. the HB and the dash (ARMS!!!) and the accurate performance .. what a combination!

and it's 100% American, too ;)

mecha - 17 years ago

... forgot the Showcase inclusion, and well, at 6000 polys with as much detail as that, that's quite impressive. some people go nuts with the polys, and (can't say from experience) it's probably more challenging to work out something really nice with fewer polys than it is to make a car with like 10k.

funky dj - 17 years ago

This car is the best I have EVER seen in this site. Congratulations Burnout on your fine fine work. Where can I download this track? Could someone tell me because I want to race this car on it.

Sunrie - 16 years ago

*jaw hits the floor*! GEEZ! This is the best car thus far!

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