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1969 Camaro Z-28 Hot Rod

1969 Camaro Z-28 Hot Rod
This is a car I downloaded from here before the bog crash.(he he) Just trying to help rebuild the collection. This car rocks!
Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard Yes Class A
Vidwall Yes Serial # 24
Windows Clear Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 140 mph
224 kmh
Polycount 0

Visitor Comments

impreza racer - 17 years ago

FIRST TO DOWNLOAD AND FIRST TO POST! hahahahahaha ok I'll shut up

hsv freak - 17 years ago

looks mad but drives shit. Yeh impreza racer shut up. 1st the worst, 2nd the best.

ZL1 Rules! - 17 years ago

This is by far the best first gen camaro I've seen.

Mako Shark - 17 years ago

ive seen better the blower isnt even the right color. theyre never the same color as the paint theyre a chrome or metal color DUH!

jokinendesign - 17 years ago

this car SUX. and by the way normal camro goes if ya put blower on your camaro is should be go 160-180mph.

jokinendesign - 17 years ago

i cant rocommend this car to anybody.

jokinendesign - 17 years ago

this isnt be a hot rod, hot rods are 30-40's cars. this is Street Machine

Fantom - 17 years ago

Can anybody make the Camaro Z28 from the Vid with 3D detail? Also i think it shouldn't have the back pulled up-it should be horizontaly straight.

chris w. - 17 years ago

I'm working on a possible Z28
and or ZL1 version of my SS
already posted on this site.

rapster - 17 years ago

just looks like Badfish's camaro with a blower

Remko - 17 years ago

Allright, I just removed the first 3 comments since the restart of NFSGarage, because someone found it necessary to start flaming here. Just remember that any insulting ot annoying posts will be deleted.

ZL1 Rules! - 17 years ago

It was very necessary to start flaming. Fat Al insulted one of the greatest cars ever built.

Remko - 17 years ago

That is why I removed his comments too.

Mako Shark - 17 years ago

the back is supposed to be pulled up! thats one of the traits of the '69 camaro the "duck tail" wing on the rear

GTHOPHASE3 - 15 years ago

Jokinendesign - no one likes having thier work picked on, hotrod are 30s - 40s cars. BIG DEAL he got the wording wrong.

Bhuvan - 7 years ago

wat al the needs to patch this in the game..??
i meant, to patch addon cars..
and, the process plz..:)

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