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MikeAugust 06, 2007
-Aka-NFSWiLLMay 27, 2007

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Pursuit Durango (1998)

Pursuit Durango (1998)
BASE CONVERTED FROM 4x4 Evolution 2 BY DodgeMan! Used with permission, thanks for that!

Features 5 realistic textures including
- Australia
- England
- France
- Germany


Comments are welcome!
Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard None Class B
Vidwall Yes Serial # 24
Windows Clear Licence Plate Non-Editable
Top Speed 0 mph
240 kmh
Polycount 2632
Driver Animated

Visitor Comments

spartan577 - 11 years ago
can ir eplace any caprice sedan or main pursuit car with it with ut it going blanc
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monkey.wesley - 13 years ago
um... for the main lightbar above the driver.. there seems to be a white light for the blue side or it just seems way off from the lightbar
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Zpectre - 13 years ago
Cool car, and only 2,600 polies! ;)
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Rafel - 13 years ago
How can i change police cars??

I like a lot :D
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XJ220 - 13 years ago
@ monkey.wesley:
It's a multi-level lightbar, the white lights is in the lower level of it ;)

@ Rafel:
What do you mean by "change"? The additional textures will show up when you're driving on one of the European tracks.
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Rafel - 13 years ago
sorry my english,
i mean replace pursuit car with this Durango
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XJ220 - 13 years ago
Ah, ok, that depends on which you want to replace.
If it's inside the traffic folder, just replace the car.viv with the Durango's.
If it's a menu-car (like the M5 or Diablo), then remove the car you want to replace, and change the Durango's serial-# to the one of the car you removed. Or instead of removing the original car, you could of course change its serial-#, too ;)

BTW what do you think of the damage model?
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Rafel - 13 years ago
Damage is GREAT, AWSOME.
This kind of cars is perfect :D
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-Aka-NFSWiLL - 13 years ago
WOW I LoV them Lower Poly Cars..Me gets this Rite Now! Make my Game L@@K sooooo Much Better.! I wanna 4x4 on my New Rocky Pass Track im not done with yet..
THX SO MUCH: XJ220 & DodgeMan ;D
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_WiLL_ - 5 years ago
(Phew) Damn... Funny ..Nice
Really Still Like it! 4X4 ing :)
Rafel look me up.. ok Bro
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