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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Downloads

HP2 Pink Edition

HP2 Pink Edition


Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 PINK Edition.


new exotic opponents, you can drive those cars in Quick Race mode only

the most harder opponents ever, now they're really fast in turns

new game mode: FOX escape is available, collect 6000 points in 9 minutes

new game mode: short Drag test, to train your manual shifting

cop car as racer opponent or as perp, you really dreamed to stop the cops?

class 1 has its own extremely fast cop car - black Ford GT90

traffic cars as perps, stop everything that moves in the game!

new tracks weather and time conditions from "4to12" mod

soundtrack is faster, to keep the gameplay faster

Don't forget to set up to maximum World Details in game options.

No fog on integrated + discrete videocard systems:

Go to discrete videocard driver panel.

Force the game to work with discrete videocard.


1. Make sure you have applied the NO-CD Patch.

2. Strongly recommended to use with freshly installed game.

3. Not compatible with old savegame - make new profile.



1. Uninstall PINK, and then HP2.

2. No backup function supported:

if PINK has been removed, HP2 require to be reinstalled.




Pink Cop and 4to12 by jhg,

HoM Cars Convertion by Reilsss, Reilsss@GMX.De

Ford GT90 by Venom

Jaguar XJ220 by Venom

Ferrari F40 by PomFrit

Lamborghini Countachl by Manutius


NFS Wizard by Jesper Juul-Mortensen

ZModeler 1.07b by Oleg

Paint Shop Pro 7

Oif Tool and OEdit by Arushan

VIVEdit by Addict,

FSHTOOL by Denis Auroux,

NFSHP2Texter by feroCT5,


Notepad++ /

Electronic Arts is owners of mod content, !except of HoM Cars!

Thanks to NN7 for ideas and friendly support :)



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Zipper - 1 month ago

Interesting. Let's see how good is it.

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