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Mystic Peaks

Mystic Peaks
Added On March 21, 2021
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Version Hot Pursuit
Original Track Summit
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WARNING! Due to the physics differences between NFS2 and NFS3 the track is extremely hard to drive on during the snowy sections of it, so don't expect to win too many races  :)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NEED FOR SPEED III EDITED + Designt TRACK <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Date : 30 April 2002

Title : Winter Drive

Type : Converted + Designt Track

Editors Used : Track Editor 2, QFSsuite by Denis Auroux

Filename :

Version : Pole

Author : ARTEM

Compatibility : 3dfx

Description : This track replaces "SUMMIT" (Trk007). I've converted this Track from NFS2 and made new Textures!

Installation : After making a backup copy of the Trk007 folder, simply copy all files to the gamedata/tracks/trk007 folder.

ATTENTION!>> PUT after that T7_00.qfs into NFS3/FeData/art/slides>>

Note : Enjoy the drive! That's a great Track, but it is difficult too!


* Play Information *

New Track Model : Yes Converted& Designt

New Texture : YES (Some)!

* Construction *

Base : Summit

Editor used : Track Editor Version 2 by

Construction time : Several hours/days

Known Bugs : None!

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