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XJ220 - 10 years ago
Looks like a pretty old and crappy game :D NOT.
Nice shot ;)
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Freak-DS - 10 years ago
what track is that? looks like a modified route adonf?
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FerrariMan - 10 years ago
Wow cool screen. I can recognize Memphis's Charger, NJ's Mustang, but who made the GTO and the XKR? And how about the polies on them? :)
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Code 4 - 10 years ago
I like the Dodge! Wait no I like the Mustang to! No no wait wait! That GTO is also a nice car! Never mind I like all of the cars! :p
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Cooya! - 10 years ago
@ FerrariMan:
Are you retarded or just too lazy to look for NFS cars? I mean you are always asking questions like you have no idea what´s going on in our small NFS community... The two cars are NFS MW conversions made by Zpectre... both can be found here at NFSAddons or at NFSCars! Fortunately they are too highpoly for your needs... so please feel free to whine about it again...

@ Freak_DS:
The Track is "Route Adonf Creek´s remix" - it is almost untouched... only road- grass- and stonewall- textures are changed so it´s not that exciting
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Remko - 10 years ago
Correct on the sources of both the cars and the tracks. I had forgotten myself what the track was and had to look it up, but it was part of the Key to The Highway pack that was released in October '08, around the same time as the Mustang GT.
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FerrariMan - 10 years ago
Well, Sorry Cooya! if I wasn't active in the NFS4 community in 2007. I'm not really a mod car expert, I remember seeing a Zpectre XKR but I didn't know if that was the one depicted in the screen... but I guess I'm just retarded then.
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Zpectre - 10 years ago
It seems Remko likes my cars. :)
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Blazn - 10 years ago
Interesting shot Remko.
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dandresden - 1 month ago
Throwback from 10 years for me~
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LRF Modding - 1 month ago

muscle car race..


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