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SOTD - November 12th, 2009

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Paul Spain
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  • FerrariMan - 11 years ago
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    Nice shot, but it looks like you could crank up the screen resolution a bit ;)
  • XJ220 - 11 years ago
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    And that Charger needs a proper COP.FCE ;) Nice shot anyway!
  • Paul Spain - 11 years ago
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    Hey you'all..Sorry I been away from games a while..My dad died on the 14th so I was busy arranging all the stuff with the undertaker..Anyway back on subject..this is actually a OLD shot..But it took forever for the admins to post it and what do you (XJ220) mean about the police Charger needing a police FCE file? This was a PoliceGarage car..It wasn't originally a pursuit car though..(even though it has police LED lights inside and on the grill)I used NFS Wizard to change it to one.

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