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noise - 12 months ago

this pic. shows how much a ford mondeo, mazda3, mitsubishi lancer are look alike.The Lotus Elise is pretty unique, if there wasn't a opel speedster.

WiLL - 12 months ago

Heha-, nice shot )

Blazn Motorsports - 12 months ago

Lotus Elise 2001 by Franky is my favorite of the group

Stifen_DY - 12 months ago

Kinda agree with your statement.

Thank you!

@Blazn Motorsports
The Lotus Elise in this picture is the Mk1 model, while Franky's Elise is a Mk2 model. The Mk1 is made by NightEye and T-Shine: Link

WiLL - 12 months ago

Np bud

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