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SOTD - February 27th, 2021

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  • WiLL - 2 months ago
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    pete95162 months ago
    Hmm, the Original Germany track I see. An the last car in back Zat a Classic Camaro? An the Blue car, is that a, F40 Ferrari?  About we're you are there, I had a track that you could turn left there into, a castle gateway like alley an all. This is gone now. Sold! Way it gos man. Wasn't my track, but I put hours into it fixing, it up. Never Completed it. So am I close? Who is that Kellogg caper car 😸😎
    • pete9516 - 2 months ago
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      WiLL2 months ago
      :D You are very close indeed. That Kellogg's Commodore is from Aussie Muscle i think
  • WiLL - 2 months ago
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    I see thanks pete9516  )

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