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Sarge Paul - 3 months ago
Busted!!! 😎
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Remko3 months ago
WiLL3 months ago
Mike - 3 months ago
Boss Hogg a little angry with his co-workers
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dandresden3 months ago
Remko3 months ago
WiLL3 months ago
noise - 3 months ago
Very old shot I guess. Nice, but unlikely, this Alfa together with these very american cars. The Caddy has flag on his hood?
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WiLL3 months ago
LRF Modding - 3 months ago
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WiLL3 months ago
WiLL - 3 months ago

Lol yup... I needed that, after my Ruff afternoon. never ends huh..?

Seems that way. tmi'

Looks like Coastal track but, I say the Park one.

lol Mike was a good One )

Remko were is the Cop at.

Under the Caddy? )

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Remko - 3 months ago

Yes, another old screen, still on standard Dolphin Cove, the Caddy is the 'South Style' variation of Smokey's 1976 Eldorado, with some additions to turn it into a car that Boss Hogg would drive - hence the horns, the tiny flags, 6-shooters on the doors, etc.

@WiLL: the cop is ticketing the white Alfa Romeo, he's standing right in front of the tree (Yeah, I overlooked him at first too)
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