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Lada Riva 2107 (NFSU1)

Lada Riva 2107 (NFSU1)
Also known as "Skyline for poor" when MrTuning showcased Morfey's 2107 for NFSU2, hence why it will replace Skyline. Base model will be from Lada Racing Club as always.
This project has been completed and is available for download!
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Update #3 - 13 days ago

Car is now complete and uploaded.

Update #2 - 14 days ago

- Added even more parts (including, but not limited to new bumpers, front grille, rims, windows, hoods and spoilers)
- Car's body is remapped to make vinyls fully working (Eddie's Skyline vinyl is used as example)

Update #1 - 1 month ago

Added another headlight style and one new taillight style

Visitor Comments

LRF Modding - 1 month ago

Big wing included? :D

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