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Need For Speed Most Wanted Hybrid

Need For Speed Most Wanted Hybrid
This is my NFS MW overhaul project.

It will aim at making NFS MW less ricey while having only cars with production date up to '05. No '06 or later cars, at least in this project!

Goal list (** means numbers or percentage can vary at the end):

- around 60 cars, such as Nissan Silvia S15, Mercedes Benz 190E or BMW M3 E46 (90% done) **

- Tuner parts, ported from different games and/or handmade (~5% done)

- More parts than in base game (2% done)

- More rims (adding instead of replacing) (0% done)

- Misc. section replacing roof scoop section (1% done)

- More vinyls (in 1024x1024 quality of curse) (10% done)

- Texture tweaks (5% done)

- Vlted edits (~70% done) **

- Diverse cop cars (96% done)

- Diverse traffic cars (18% done)

- Cop system overhaul (100% done)

- Traffic pattern/density overhauled (100% done)

- Save files and settings saved in game's folder (100% done)

This project is going for around 2 years, and it's nowhere near finishing.

If anyone wants to help me with modeling (or just scaling Forza/NFS bodykits to existing cars), just hit me up in the comments or DM's.

Enjoy your stay!

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Update #5 - 6 months ago

Update 3 - More cars, few traffic cars replaced, and some fixes (shakiness of the camera while driving at high speeds, heat level 10 can be achieved before beating Sonny now, few other tweaks)

Update #4 - 7 months ago

fixed desc, added new pics

Update #3 - 7 months ago

Update 2 - Few more cars, and a bunch of new engine sounds. Also, real M3 GTR alongside NFSMW's one (there is real engine sound variant, and NFSMW's TVR engine sound one)

Update #2 - 8 months ago

Update 1 - All cars are here, the only thing now is modelling/ripping of bodykits, spoilers, rims, misc stuff etc.

Update #1 - 8 months ago

My modeler person is gone for quite some time, so if anyone wants to help me with converting bodykits or modelling misc things - hit me up

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