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1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S (Extra Customization)

1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S (Extra Customization)
I haven't found any other good version of this overrated eight-six (AJ_Lethal's and Pedro_B's versions are not considered as good imho as the former has furry driver and no extra customization and the latter one lacks vinyls, while Miner's Corolla was the only good version before its existence has been ceased), so I'm making my own version with extra customization, using NFS World model as base with parts from Shift 2 Unleashed (some parts(?)), World of Speed (bodykit), NFS Underground 2 (lights, hoods, and decals), NFS Carbon (bodykit), and Juiced 2 (one mirror style, some spoilers, and roof scoop). ModLoader version will replace Renault Clio. Addon version's internal name is COROLLA (as it was named in files of many NFS BlackBox games, from Underground 2 to World).
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Update #1 - 4 months ago

Lo-o-o-ong time no see, huh?
- Added Tsunami hood and some Juiced 2 parts
- Remapped the car itself to support Clio's vinyls (though there won't be Panda Two-Tone paintjob)

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  • SNS360 - 1 year ago
    User Date
    Good Luck!!!!!
  • themidastouch - 2 months ago
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    One bodykit that would be awesome for this is the widebody one from NFS Shift and Shift 2.

    It resembles the JGTC AE86, this one



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