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Volkswagen Golf GTI Rocket Bunny (NFSMW)

Volkswagen Golf GTI Rocket Bunny (NFSMW)
New Golf GTI with Rocket Bunny bodykit from NaturalMotion's CSR Racing 2 mobile game. I know that CSR 2's models are high poly so the game (NFS Most Wanted) can even unload textures (depending on other mods installed, though it can be temporarily fixed by enabling "ExpandMemoryPools" in NFSMW Extra Options), but I'm interested to get to convert this Golf GTI.

This will take a while or more than should. It will replace original Golf GTI.
This project has been completed and is available for download!
Download now!

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Update #4 - 11 months ago

The car is complete, uploaded and awaiting approval (note that before I completed the project, the car model was done, but it was scheduled to be released in December 31st as a new year present).

Update #3 - 12 months ago

The project has been resumed after 10 months since last update!
The textures are almost finished (thanks to .CSB for common car textures from CSR2, as without him the project could be abandoned). What's left here are driver, (probably) window decals, mountpoints and other things that I may forget but still the project is like almost complete-ish.

Update #2 - 2 years ago

I have few good and bad news about this project. The good news are:
- Car's bottom and windows are finally mapped under NFSMW's vanilla texture
- Added HRE rims to this car, that they will appear as stock rims, with custom tires
But the bad news are that I have to put this car on hold, because working on and polishing up CSR2 models is much harder, than the ones that are from NFS Undercover. Good examples why it's so hard to polish up CSR2 model are textures and materials.

Update #1 - 2 years ago

Added stickerbomb parts.

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  • Mike - 2 years ago
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    test project comment
  • LRF Modding - 12 months ago
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    those tires are thicc

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