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FCE Import/Export Blender Add-on

FCE Import/Export Blender Add-on


importing (alongside selected TGA texture) to Blender and exporting to FCE files

supports: Blender 4.x and Blender 3.6 LTS

FCE formats: NFS3, NFS:HS, and MCO

- supports poly flags (high chrome, semi-transparency, etc.)

- supports texture pages (use for officer models and road objects)

- supports damage models

- supports vertice animation (NFS:HS driver, etc.)

- supports custom part positions (NFS:HS driver)

- supports ad-hoc rescaling on export

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Update #4 - 1 month ago

add link to release version

Update #3 - 1 month ago

more fine-grained options on import & export; improved performance

Update #2 - 1 month ago

added: scaling, texpage support, export only selected objects, set number of arts, misc performance improvements

Update #1 - 1 month ago

exporter added

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